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Author Topic: alsa  (Read 2800 times)

Online Juanito

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« on: May 28, 2010, 03:50:25 AM »
updated extension posted:
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Title:          alsa.tcz
Description:    alsa sound
Version:        1.0.23
Author:         see list of sites below
Original-site:  see list of sites below
Copying-policy: see list of sites below
Size: 1.1MB
Extension_by:   juanito/jasonw
Comments:       Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
                This extension contains:
                alsa-lib-1.0.23 - LGPLv2.1 - ftp://ftp.alsa-project.org/pub/lib/alsa-lib-1.0.23.tar.bz2
                alsa-utils-1.0.23 - GPLv2 - ftp://ftp.alsa-project.org/pub/utils/alsa-utils-1.0.23.tar.bz2
                Example howto:
                $ sudo alsaconf
                $ speaker-test
To initialize alsa without having to use alsaconf, there is a
script that will do that. 
It can be placed in /opt/bootlocal.sh so it alsa will be setup
on boot with no user interaction required.  The command to do this is:

/usr/local/etc/init.d/alsasound start

If adding this command to bootlocal.sh, you may need
to precede it with the sleep command for it to be effective.

If you want your alsa settings to persist across reboots, use the
command 'alsactl store' after alsa has been set up.  This stores the
configuration in /etc/asound.state.  Place this file in your backup to
allow your alsa settings to persist across sessions.
Change-log:     2008/11/03
                Added udev alsa.rules, modified alsa.conf, removed snddevices [thanks curaga]
                Modified to be PPI compliant and to load oss modules
  2009/04/22 Added /usr/local/etc/init.d/alsasound script for TC 2.x
        2009/04/28 Fixes to alsasound and alsaconf
2009/06/13 Updated to alsa-lib/alsa-utils 1.0.20
2009/08/22 Replaced user.tar.gz with scripting.
2009/09/29 Removed libs to the libasound extension and made it a dep.
2009/10/15 Updated alsaconf to recognize lspci in /usr/local/(s)bin.
2010/01/25 Seperated config files into own extension.
2010/02/08 Edited startup script to reload udev rules (Curaga)
                2010/02/09 Re-edit startup script (Curaga)
                updated 1.0.20 -> 1.0.23
Current: 2010/05/27