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Author Topic: Micro Core v2.11  (Read 3489 times)

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Micro Core v2.11
« on: May 02, 2010, 10:23:35 AM »
Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce:

Micro Core v2.11 (microcore_2.11.iso), is now posted at


Change log for Micro Core v2.11

* Updated busybox to 1,16,1
* New optional zsync update support for faster extension updates.
* Updated tc-config waitusb added optional LABEL/UID, e.g. waitusb=30:LABEL=tinycore
* Updated tc-functions CMDLINE to not require kernel specific options before tinycore options
* Updated tce-load to trap mount errors.
* Updated tc-config PXE to support DOS/Windows created lists.
* Updated /root/.profile to use login instead of su -
* Fixed utc TZ bug in tc-config
* Added /var/run/utmp and /var/log/wtmp to support "who" reporting.
* Updated getTime.sh with -p (print only) and simplied busybox date format.

For adding full X support please via Xlibs.gz, Xprogs.gz, and Xvesa.gz see the Tiny Core announcement:         

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