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Author Topic: Virtual or Real  (Read 14177 times)

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Re: Virtual or Real
« Reply #30 on: January 15, 2010, 03:17:38 AM »
Thanks for your detailed answers.

If I got it right best start for a newbie with a cheap 1 GB RAM Windows homePC like me seems to be:
  • either experiment with usb to create a kind of independent rescue install
  • or install Virtual Box with GAs to work with Windows and Tinycore in parallel

I searched for a virtual disk image which could simplify the creation of a Tinycore system within Virtual Box and possibly found a link: [removed: remaster]

Has anyone got experience whether that file can be used not only for browsing but to create a virtual system with folder sharing, file manager etc working 'within less than an hour' for a newbie like me what is the argument there.

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