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Can't find tce directory during PXE boot

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Hello mazzer,
I would be happy to help. I just finished up the last little issue I was having and my remaster version is working perfect.

I will be posting my instaructions in next couple of hours, but I wanted to let you know that I did this with the idea in mind that I would be PXE boot in this version witch I had to remaster the tinycore.gz. If you are booting from a hard drive or a usb drive it is alot easier to just setup a persistent install instead. The install instructions on the tinycore web page covers this step by step and work well. Let me know when type of install you are doing.

David Patten

thanks for the input curaga, editing /etc/skel/.xsession did work for me. I am not sure why. I ended up adding this line to /opt/bootlocal.sh

/tmp/tcloop/x11vnc-0.9.6/usr/local/bin/x11vnc -forever

and now when ever I boot via PXE, x11vnc start automatically and I am able to remote control the PC.

How I re-mastered tinycore.gz with extra apps added.
The instructions for re-mastering that I followed are here


I did have to make some changes for my own needs as well as fill in some of the blanks. I want to give prop to danielibarnes for the original work he did on the instructions and or course the remaster script it’s self. You will need to go to the post listed in the link above to download the script “remaster.tar.bz2”

NOTE: You must be logged in as a user to see the file, if you logged in as guest if is not there.

I started off by installing TC 2.5 on to a PC and using it to remaster and install the extra apps. It was just easy that way for me. If you need instructions for installing TC on to your hard drive they’re at http://www.tinycorelinux.com/install.html . After you install TC on your PC follow these steps.
1.   Install the following
         a.   I also install xfe.tcz and xfw.tcz. Xfe is a GUI file manager and xfw is text editor.

2.   Since I am using TC 2.5 I used the following files in my src/ directory.

3.   After installing the apps in step 1 and downloading the files in step 2, you will need to create the proper directory structure on your tinycore PC. You can use xfe to do this instead of the CLI.

In /home create new a directory (I named mine ‘tcr’) and copy remaster.sh to the new directory ensure it is set to be executable. This can also be done in xfe, right click on the file and click on properties. Here is the structure I created,

/home/tcr – I put remaster.sh here and crated two subdirectories called /src and /newtz

In /home/tcr/src I copied the 4 files from step 2.

In /home/tcr/newtz I created /rootfs/opt/tce

In /home/tcr/newtz/rootfs/opt/tce you will need to copy your extensions here.
  The best way I found to get the extensions and its dependencies’ was to use the Appbrowser.
  But, instead of installing the apps, you select ‘Download only’. The will place you apps and all
  needed dependencies’ in /mnt/sda1/tce/optional. I simply copy everything from the /optional directory to /home/tcr/newtz/rootfs/opt/tce.

In /home/tcr/newtz/opt you can put other files. I put a copy of bootlocal.sh, you can edit this file to autostart apps upon boot. If you are not autostarting anything it can be left out.

4.   Now that all of that is done you can create you new tinycore.gz. In a root shell, type ‘/home/tcr/remaster.sh newtz 2.5' the process take about 10 minuets depending on your PC. Once it is done you will have a new directory in /home/tcr/newtz called /out. In here you will find the new ISO file you created and a directory called /files. In /files you will find the files, bzImage, tinycore.gz and syslinux.cfg that the custom iso where made from. From here you can burn the iso file however you want. I just copied the bzImage and tinycore.gz and put them on my PXE tftp server.

If I make any errors in the document please let me know and I will update it.

David Patten

Thanks for the props. I have greatly improved my script since that post, so I will make another post soon. You are going to find this funny, but you don't need to remaster at all to add extensions. pxelinux (version 3.71 and later) allows you to specify more than one cpio archive.

First, create a simple cpio archive like so:
mkdir -p /tmp/newtz/opt/tce
(copy extensions into /tmp/newtz/opt/tce)
cd /tmp/newtz/
find|cpio -o -H newc|gzip -9 > /tmp/newtz.gz

The file in your pxelinux.cfg directory looks similar to this:
DEFAULT tinycore

LABEL tinycore
KERNEL bzImage
APPEND quiet initrd=tinycore.gz

Put the newtz.gz file in the same directory as tinycore.gz on your tftp server and change that last line from
APPEND quiet initrd=tinycore.gz
APPEND quiet initrd=tinycore.gz,newtz.gz

I tested this with my PXE/TFTP system and it works great.

EDIT: As suggested by helander based on syslinux documentation.

Outstanding, Daniel.
I tried this using nfs-utils.tgz in the cpio archive instead of using the tftplist= option.
This worked and the rest of my modules loaded using the nfsmount= option.


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