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Author Topic: microcore_2.4rc2  (Read 2694 times)

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« on: September 29, 2009, 07:14:24 PM »
The Second Release Candidate of v2.4 (microcore_2.4r2.iso), is now posted and ready for testing.

Change log for v2.4 Release Candidate 2

* Updated tc-config, startx, and .profile to make desktop environment reentrant & better support of microcore.
* New tce-setup to load all tce applications from a microcore "base norestore" boot
* Updated tc-config now calls tce-setup, as tce loading has been factored out.
* Updated tc-restore & filetool.sh to implement 'protect' blowfish encrypted backup.
* Updated tc-restore & filetool.sh for default backup to be located in persistent tce directory.
* Updated tce-load to fix bug regarding partial downloads of dependencies
* Updated /opt/.tcrc to tcz repository..
* Dropped 'checkfs' boot option. Use options 'base norestore' to check and fix filesystems and then start up complete system.

Files likely in your backup:


The desktop environment has been moved from tc-config into startx. This allows a microcore boot with base norestore, then manually (tce-load -i) the core elements together with your choice of window manager, wbar, flit, and/or watcher. Upon completion, still at the $ prompt, typing startx will bring up a working desktop environment. You can still exit to prompt, and run startx.

And with the new tce-setup, you can load all your PPR with a single command. Just boot tinycore 'base norestore text'
Then when ready
$ sudo tce-setup
$ startx

Same with microcore, except, of course,  the text boot option is not needed

New X related suport files:

flwm.tcz  (This is the classic left side title bars)
flwm_topside.tcz (New top side title bars)

See notes for flwm http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php?topic=3163.0

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