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Author Topic: 2.4 Roadmap  (Read 4149 times)

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Re: 2.4 Roadmap
« Reply #15 on: September 17, 2009, 07:34:12 PM »
I like this move to one type of extension. It will eliminate a lot of redundancy and confusion for newcommers.

As usual, the admin team is doing a great job!

Thank you,

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Re: 2.4 Roadmap
« Reply #16 on: September 17, 2009, 08:22:46 PM »
The flag means all tczs load into ram, whereas, the list lists only tczs to load to ram
Neither flag nor list means anything regarding tces. In a mixed environment the definitions do not change.
Perhaps a stupid question but I'm sure I will end up doing it. What happens if I forget to remove the flag file and end up with both a flag and list file in the tce directory. What will take precedence?
flag trumps list
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