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Author Topic: how to remaster a xorg-server-full, to gain 15 seconds/boot  (Read 538 times)

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how to remaster a xorg-server-full, to gain 15 seconds/boot
« on: August 18, 2022, 11:13:11 AM »
My CPU is weak and my HDD/rotational is slow, not SSD. So a minimum Xorg +virgin FLTK apps (nothing else important in onboot.lst) will boot  in 20 seconds. After the "remaster" presented below the laptop boots in 5 seconds (ish). So it is near 15 seconds/boot gain. (FYI: not much minutes/year versus the time involved to build it, but hey, it keeps my brain curly).

I attached the "my-Xorg-logic.txt" which explain how I verified/ obtained the needed files/tcz, in order.Their list is in attached "build-Xorg-list.txt" and "build-tc-prog-list.txt".Now I have just 2 loops instead of 91 loops mounted.

Of course further I split also the Xorg in 2 pieces: Xorg-Full-x64.tcz + Xorg-Rest-x64.tcz.
Xorg-Full-x64.tcz has near 145 MB (927 files, 71 folders) only.
Xorg-Rest-x64.tcz has near 351 MB (942 files, 96 folders) which I do not need, but I can (in emergency) load it with tce-load, or from boot.sh etc.
Basically "/Xorg-Rest-x64/usr/local/lib/dri" has 240 MB (uselss for me) 3D drivers, 40 MB vulkan, 30MB vdpau  etc. Because I need AMD only, I MANUALLY separated out Intel and Nvidia, etc. (You catch the idea).

Code: [Select]
echo Unsquash all tcz dependecies for Xorg into a folder
echo "Are you ready? Then press ENTER, or  else Ctrl+C to stop now"
read xxxx

sudo mkdir ./tmp0

for i in `cat ./build-xorg-list.txt`; do
    echo "Extracting " $i ;
    echo "xxxxxxxxxx";
    sudo unsquashfs -f -d ./tmp0 $SOURCE$i.tcz ;
echo "now you must check file ./tmp/usr/local/lib/xorg/Xorg.wrap"
echo "to have permisions -r-Sr-xr-x; and owner=root:root"
echo "usless xcursor-themes + empty: Xorg-7.7 + Xorg-7.7-bin"
PS: Do not forget to empty all "Xorg-Full-x64/usr/local/tce.installed" files, after adding their content to only one (executable) script file, named as your extension (ex: Xorg-Full-x64)
PS2: The most important thing was the "ldd dependency logic", to know which files can be separated out to Xorg-Rest-x64.tcz
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