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Author Topic: Core 12.0 in VirtualBox VM erratic mouse behavior near FLTK window edges  (Read 842 times)

Offline nomadbyte

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Not sure if it's just me, but when running  a downloaded image TinyCore 12.0 FLTK in VirtualBox (6.1, Ubuntu 18.04), the mouse behavior is erratic near edges of open FLWM windows. It's hard to describe it precisely, but, in general the mouse pointer jumps out prematurely from the VM window (with FLTK desktop on it with some window open), basically it's unable to reach the edge of the VM window, before changing into Host system's mouse pointer.

This happens only with Core as a Guest system in VirtualBox. BTW, I believe the older Core releases were free of this behavior.

One workaround to restore normal positioning/mouse-pointer capturing is to jump into a Host window, then back into VM.

Offline curaga

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This is a known bug/incompatibility caused by Virtualbox. It expects the usb tablet protocol, which tinyx does not support. Please use the "capture mouse" option, or alternatively, install Xorg.
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