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Author Topic: How do I install TinyCorelinux on new hardware?  (Read 210 times)

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How do I install TinyCorelinux on new hardware?
« on: October 12, 2021, 10:54:43 PM »
my computer only supports UEFI mode, not Legacy mode. How do I install TinyCorelinux? Thanks.

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Re: How do I install TinyCorelinux on new hardware?
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2021, 12:14:34 AM »
Some added clarity about newer hardware and CorePure64.

Don't even think of doing a simple "dd" or using etcher or the like to burn this iso as it appears as an iso9660 format.

On most modern uefi-only hardware, if it recognizes an iso9660 format, it will refuse to boot from it.  Probably a security issue.  You may be able to read from it, but the firmware will refuse to boot from iso9660.

So it is best to think of the corepure64 iso as a handy way to get to the distribution files and other tcz's to use when *manually* making the usb stick as Juanito and others have detailed in those threads.

I was tearing my hair out because I used to do a simple dd or burn of a 32 bit iso to kick the tires, and then do a proper install from it using the installer tcz's to another stick proper.

But you can't even kick the tires with the corepure64 iso with a simple dd / burn because very modern hardware has locked out the ability to boot from an iso9660 format whether it is a true physical cd or stick that looks like one.

Long story short - don't futz around trying to boot the iso itself.  Make the stick manually.
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