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Author Topic: Correct method to change tc user to own user without adding another account?  (Read 729 times)

Offline onelife

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Hi there,

Previously I have added another user to TC so as to be the user I require for my app. However, this seems a bit unnecessary as I don't need the default tc user and I would just like to change that user - But besides the boot option that only changes the prompt to "user"@tc - what would be the best / correct way to keep only 1 user for the system BUT change that user from tc > xyz.

The change would be all aspects, home folder, profile, bashrc, passwd, groups etc - those are the files that after adding my "xyz" user I normally then edit so as to give my new user "xyz" all the same access as the default tc user.

Really think I might be missing something as an easy way to just change the name of the current default user?

Many Thanks

Offline Rich

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Hi onelife
To remove a user, you can try:
Code: [Select]
sudo deluser tc
If you want the users home directory removed as well:
Code: [Select]
sudo deluser --remove-home tc

Offline curaga

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That's exactly what the boot option is for? It does not just change the prompt.
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