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Author Topic: running gtk app whit out any windows manager  (Read 1738 times)

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running gtk app whit out any windows manager
« on: November 10, 2020, 12:33:02 AM »
hi guys,
i'm trying remaster core plus (11) for my end user for a gtk application , i used flwm topside but at last defeat against disable some embedded feature on that
i'm try running application without windows manager , (Something Like xinit) so change my xsession to this and comment any other thing  but i don't have prompt for running my application and whenever startx launch nothing run after that.
Code: [Select]
DISPLAY=:0 su -c ' cd /home/tc; startx' tcso i tried use this command manually and run with
Code: [Select]
& in background then try to run my app it say can't open display.
this app is vmware horizon view client , it also allow display x option in running argument but i don't know how can i introduce my local x server to that (i tried by $DISPLAY but doesn't work)
whats the right way for running app just with X server ?