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Author Topic: python piwheels could this build cache be useful to picore / arch arm ?  (Read 126 times)

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i searched the forum and found only one mention of piwheels ( so i guess nobody is currently using using this for picore! )

in this thread : http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,21868.msg136857.html#msg136857

 that mentions missing run  time dependency ( https://xkcd.com/754/ # Dependencies ) 

 also that in some cases builds for different arm arch versions might be incompatible
 https://github.com/piwheels/piwheels/issues/201 # Warn on project pages when armv7 wheels are not compatible with armv6

Quote from: piwheels-building-a-faster-python-package-repository-for-raspberry-pi-users
piwheels aims to build everything.

Quote from: piwheels.org/faq.html
What about Ubuntu? What about other distros?

The repository at piwheels.org does not support Ubuntu or other distributions. It's possible some wheels will work on other distributions, but we can't promise that they will. Wheels are built against certain shared libraries which we know are available to Raspberry Pi OS / Raspbian users too.

It would be possible for someone to run their own instance of piwheels to build wheels on and for another distribution, like Ubuntu. To those interested in doing this, please see the docs, and feel free to get in touch.


 doing a little digging in to the history of the project  , i found the below links & quotes


The configuration file (at /etc/pip.conf) tells pip to use piwheels.org as an additional index, so pip looks at PyPI first, then piwheels.
Note that many pure-Python packages, such as urllib3, are provided as wheels on PyPI; because these are compatible across platforms, they're not usually downloaded from piwheels because PyPI takes precedence.


You can .. install packages from the piwheels server using:

Code: [Select]
sudo pip3 install <package> -i https://www.piwheels.hostedpi.com/simple
or as an additional index:
Code: [Select]
sudo pip3 install <package> --extra-index-url https://www.piwheels.hostedpi.com/simple


has any one given this sort of thing any consideration in the past / or currently ??


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Re: python piwheels could this build cache be useful to picore / arch arm ?
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2020, 04:49:53 AM »
If I understand correctly, piwheels is like pip except that, where a python package contains c code, piwheels provides a prebuilt package whereas pip compiles it natively on your machine.

If the above is true, then the end result is the same and you will end up with the python package(s) in ram rather than as part of a tinycore extension.

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Re: python piwheels could this build cache be useful to picore / arch arm ?
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2020, 05:00:22 AM »
We are moving to Python3.8 too, which appears they do not have wheels there.  Then there is aarch64 which they do not support yet.

Compiling most python packages take very little time, creating the dependency chain and building extensions out of them is where the extra time comes in.....