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Author Topic: info and feedback for TC64 Ice Window Manager  (Read 92 times)

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info and feedback for TC64 Ice Window Manager
« on: July 25, 2020, 01:45:12 AM »
I was not aware until recently that this WM was under active development.


WM=Window Manager and also refers to icewm in this post.
Prefs= ~/.icewm/preferences
keys= ~/.icewm/keys
toolbar= ~/.icewm/toolbar
button(s)=actual kb buttons pressed where applicable
Super= mod4 or logo key on a US type kb
System-kb= system wide kb combos found by clicking on the menu -> Preferences and all of the key* menus
(Mainly using Ctrl and Alt keys)
combos=various kb presses defined by keys or System-kb to affect some outcome. Mainly to launch an App or change a setting.

1 add volume up and down combos
I do not have a multimedia kb with those fancy volume buttons. I did have a gander at xev but the internet research
suggested your WM, your web browser and your File Manager can all interfere with keys so to keep it simple...

choose buttons you can remember for your action, for me u means up and d means down so keys would have new lines of
key "Super+u" amixer sset Master 5%+
key "Super+d" amixer sset Master 5%-

logo+r to refresh and then test volume change by new combos in your player.

Nothing wrong with defining a duplicate set if keys are sticky?
key "Super+F1" amixer sset Master 5%+
key "Super+F4" amixer sset Master 5%-

2 HALF change sakura terminal to aterm

First load aterm if not already loaded please. You MUST leave sakura in your boot list or dep list.
Edit toolbar so it reads
prog "Terminal" /usr/local/share/icons/Adwaita/24x24/legacy/utilities-terminal.png aterm

Compile set sakura as the xterm terminal so keys can not be changed for logo+Enter but I have already forecast this....so your combo is already set as logo+a.
For that line, you may change it to something else.

Edit of Prefs, for aterm  has no effect, so leave it please.

3 Why I do not explain how to setup icewmbg?
Because when I tested auto rotate of wallpapers controlled by WM, I noticed a flicker each time rotation occurred.
Secondly it suited me to use pcmanfm to control the desktop as it gave me more options for using desktop icons,
not possible AFAIK with icewmbg in control of bg or wallpaper
I love Icewm now over any other WM on TC64. So you can tag me as a IceWM fanboy, even tho I am over 60. Ditto I love Xorg and sakura.

I do recognise that some TC64 users do not want or need to load Xorg (2d) and I forced it on you.

So if you boot up to a current libX desktop, and in Apps you have run Maintenance -> Check Onboot Unneeded
swapped icewm for your other desktop
Next edit the icewm.tcz.dep to remove Xorg line
and rebooted with no glitches please post your boot list.
I promise to change my TCE-list (on update) if someone with a decent post count or someone I trust posts their boot list.
Yes, I have tried and failed to use onboot.list from the iso image.
I am not an expert, but I like to believe it has something to do with me having a fancy AMD APU which is cpu inbuilt graphics

2) I chose not to use aterm as altho it is absolutely very light, it lacks the features that I need.
Plus it is not UTF-8 compatible. If we look sometime in the future and you would like me to choose to set a different xterm parameter at the compile stage, I am open to suggestions. But not aterm.

Thanks for reading 
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Re: info and feedback for TC64 Ice Window Manager
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2020, 07:09:46 PM »
anyhow to thanks to another thread(s) by Juanito and Sashank999 I have a basic framebuffer list which works on my hardware of


my first attempt to swap flwm with icewm was not a success but in the fullness of time
I can look at it....other matters have my attention ATM
thanks for reading