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Author Topic: How do I resolve Apps GUI not updating dep files?  (Read 455 times)


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How do I resolve Apps GUI not updating dep files?
« on: July 08, 2020, 12:14:38 AM »

Recently I found an executable needed a dependency loaded not picked up by GUI Apps update.
The Repo version of dependency file had changed but my GUI Apps update did not update the dep file.
I was able to confirm the contents of repo thru a web browser using formula
or if I was on 32 bit drop " _64" from url

On TC64, if interested the name of the package whose dep did not update (for me)  was webkitgtk4.tcz.
I nearly always....run Apps GUI for updates, so can not explain how I had a mismatch in dep files.
Nor am I sure if this has ever happened to me in the past.

One way to resolve it, until I get a better reply was to run
Code: [Select]
$ tce-audit updatedepsbut I am not sure if that will also change dep files.....I might have in my tcedir
pending submission/update .

Would this work better?
Code: [Select]
$ tce-audit audit /pathway2/tce/optional/<name of TCE>.tcz
Also, in terms of best practice, whatever you recommend, do you recommend doing this periodically

I am hoping Rich might know what is best.

Also I should mention, that I can not run
Code: [Select]
$ tce-update  as that will automatically replace any updates I have ready for submission.
(I could remove their md5 files) but I am a GUI user.  ::)

Thanks for reading