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Author Topic: TinyCore-current.iso, VMware ESXi 6.7 U3, Console, Mouse doesn't move  (Read 2476 times)

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Hi everyone.  I am new to TinyCore and have little to no Linux experience whatsoever.  Sorry, I'm an "M$ Windows" professional.

I am setting up a VMware test lab and need some ultra small VM's to test with and found TinyCore.

I downloaded "TinyCore-current.iso" and was able to a) boot to GUI off ISO and b) install to virtual disk and boot to GUI off vDisk.

But in all cases, when I open the virtual machine use the VMware Web Console to access the system the mouse won't move.  I can click and get the menu, but the mouse just stays in the center of the screen.  Both when booted off CD/ISO and booted off the vDisk.

Google found how to install VMtools with command "tce-load -wi open-vm-tools-desktop".  But no improvement.

Lots of Googling I found references to:
1) Kernel parameter i8042.noloop is the answer
2) pci=noacpi

I tried entering those parameters into the "/mnt/sda1/tcs/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf" but 1) I don't know if I did it right and if I did it didn't work.

Does anyone have any insights on this?
Any guidance on how I add the kernel parameter or pci= parameter correctly?

TinyCore looks pretty cool and useful but if the mouse won't move I can't use it.

Please help.  Thanks Much!

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