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Author Topic: [Solved] I will ask for xfce4-terminal be removed from repo  (Read 144 times)

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I will ask xfce4-terminal be removed from the repo if no-one complains within 7 days similar to android-file-transfer. Even if you do complain, I have no plans to rebuild it on 11x
The main reason for asking the xfce terminal be removed is the excessive size compared to other
gtk2, gtk3 or terminals that support UTF-8

Using Apps and looking at the size TAB which shows Total on 11x
xfce4-terminal reports a total of 50.92 Mb 
sakura gtk3 UTF-8 support term with total  14.63 Mb
rxvt non-gtk UTF-8 support term with total 5.03 Mb

I will ask for it and its associated files be removed from 9x 10x and 11x for the same reasons
-no plan to update and excessive size compared to alternatives.

Thanks for reading.
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