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Author Topic: 11.1 tce-audit fails to find dependancy, if name is substring of another pkg  (Read 601 times)

Offline lhaley42

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So, I was (finally?) upgrading to 11.1 from 10.1 - and I was pruning my list of packages (after accidentally installing meld), and I noticed that 'dbus.tcz' was in my "to be deleted" folder.  A quick check of

    tce-audit builddb
    tce-audit auditall

and dbus wasn't caught ...  After digging, I found the issue.  Another package bore the exact text string  "dbuz.tcz" in its name;  wpa_supplicant-dbuz.tcz .  The correction was to modify the audit() grep search to use the ^ and $ start/end placeholders.

Patch is attached.  (( I accidentally submitted this to TCE-Bugs instead of TCB-Bugs ))

Offline Greg Erskine

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Good pickup.

Offline Juanito

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pushed to tc git - thanks