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Author Topic: I now prefer simple-mtpfs vs android-file-transfer  (Read 195 times)

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I now prefer simple-mtpfs vs android-file-transfer
« on: April 30, 2020, 01:13:20 AM »

I was going to update android-file-transfer (AFT) but it no longer works for me but simple-mtpfs does. I have modified slightly the info instructions in the hope it might help others  but thanks andyj for this app.

I still prefer usb debugging enabled.
System Settings -> system -> about phone -> tap the build number 7 times to enable developer mode
Go up one menu to Developer and swipe down and enable usb debugging

When you connect your cable from phone to PC you will either get a popup asking for
transfer photos
transfer files
charge only
(optional input midi device as my phone detects my sound hardware) YMMV

Select transfer files

Some androids will ask you to "trust" your PC and you may be required to enter a pin number YMMV

PC instructions .....with my device as example
Please do not connect 2 or more phones you rich people  >:(
ALL commands done as local user please.

Code: [Select]
$ tce-load -i simple-mtpfs
$ simple-mtpfs -l  # to test App can detect my device....using lower case L
1: HuaweiNova
$ mkdir ~/Android  # create a mount point if you do not have one
$ simple-mtpfs --device 1 ~/Android  # mount my device to my home dir=Android
$ ls Android
Internal shared storage/ SD card/

You may not have a sdcard. You must see that Internal storage before proceeding.

Lets do some simple tests?
Code: [Select]
$ touch Android/SD\ card/aus9  # use the TAB to autocomplete after input SD
$ ls Android/SD\ card/
Android/   LOST.DIR/  Music/     ROM/       aus9       otaLogs/
Downloads/ Movies/    Pictures/  Sounds/    musiclong/ pix/

Verdict.....I have write powers to sdcard

Code: [Select]
$ touch Android/Internal\ shared\ storage/aus99  # use the TAB key to autocomplete after input Int
$ ls Android/Internal\ shared\ storage/
ANRSnap/            Download/           Pictures/           com.facebook.orca/
Android/            Huawei/             ScreenshotTouch/    com.thankyo.hwgame/
DCIM/               Movies/             aus99               system/

Verdict .....I have write powers to internal storage. Note you can not delete system APKs by this method.

2) Disconnection

Do not pull the cable or change to charging. Instead try this

Code: [Select]
$ fusermount -u ~/Android
3) Unless I receive a reply or pm within 7 days from now that someone is on 11x and can use AFT, I will be asking for AFT to be removed from the repo.

thanks for reading

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