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Author Topic: tc-config, case $i in, base) ONLYBASE=1 ;; is redundant with same in tce-setup  (Read 466 times)

Offline nick65go

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in tc 11.1, in file tc-config, I think the case-search for item "base" in /proc/cmdline in not need.
Code: [Select]
for i in `cat /proc/cmdline`; do*)
   case $i in
    base) ONLYBASE=1 ;;
the real search is anyway done in tce-setup. so maybe you can delete this specific item from the branch: base) ONLYBASE=1 ;; Basicaly it is has no bad influence in code speed, i undertand it, but is useless in tc-config.IMHO any redundant code is not good impresion for tinycore.

Online curaga

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Removed, thanks for reporting.
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