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Author Topic: tce-load -i and relative symlinks  (Read 1281 times)

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tce-load -i and relative symlinks
« on: December 27, 2010, 01:59:09 PM »
For some reason, when "tce-load -i"-ing a .tcz file I would like to copy symlinks inside it instead of re-symlinking them.
For example, suppose you have inside foo.tcz something like

/usr/local/share/bar -> ../../share/bar

Upon loading it, you currently get

/usr/local/share/bar -> /tmp/tcloop/foo/usr/local/share/bar = /tmp/tcloop/foo/usr/share/bar

whereas I would like

/usr/local/share/bar -> ../../share/bar = /usr/share/bar

I have browsed the forum a bit, and tracked down the evolution of this matter inside the succeeding versions of tce-load: the per-cases find/ln cycles in 1.x, then the ad-hoc speedup done with tcz-symlinker until ver 2.7, and finally the current way via busybox cp -sia <<absolute path>> <<absolute path>>.

I wonder if

1) Developers are aware that they could use "lndir" utility from imake.tcz, which does exactly what I'd like.

2) There is some reason, apart design simplicity considerations, to prefer the current behaviour of re-symlinking a symlink. I would say that "lndir"'s way is preferable and more flexible, but I might be missing something.