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Author Topic: Need verification of plan - Automotive Dash  (Read 765 times)

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Need verification of plan - Automotive Dash
« on: December 13, 2019, 01:38:04 PM »
I'm planning to run 9.0.3 on an RPi3A as an automotive dash utilizing TunerStudio. Basically requires GUI and Java. Serial would be really nice as well (GPS comes in USB over Serial). If all this is kosher, step 2 is my issue.

I basically want to run Mounted until I get TunerStudio registered and the dash set up the way I like. After that, I just want to run off RAM so I can just power the car off willy-nilly and not have to worry about not using the shut down sequence corrupting my SD. As I've researched, I believe this is possible? Any time I need to update my ECU's firmware, I would need to save the new changes to the SD card (as it also holds a copy of the firmware for TS to use). filetool.sh -b would cover me as long as the directories needed are set up correctly?

Lastly, start up times seem to be within 5-10 seconds, right? I don't need to wait for USB or network connection, I'd rather just get the thing booted and let it connect after the screen is up. I would like to use my Pi4, but I'm not smooth enough to compile packages and such yet. I'll just happily wait for GUI and Java to be available on piCore11.