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Author Topic: Installing extensions from multiple mirrors and local file system repositories  (Read 4536 times)

Offline helander

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I have created a scipt that allows you to:

   1) Have a TC repository on the local file system and use
      appbrowser to install extensions from this repository without
      having to set up a local http or ftp server.

   2) Like the package managers in many other distros, load extensions
      from multiple repositories (local and/or remote) using appbrowser.
      Just follow the simple configuration instructions and then appbrowser
      presents you with the extensions available on all of the configured

The solution is based on a script (approx 40 lines of code).

I have built an extension that contains this script along with a 2 line install
script that patches two of the standard TC files. Just download and install
the extension and follow the instruction in the extension info file.

The most simple way to get the extension is to start up cpanel and then
press the Select Mirror button. Fill in the form with the following info

   Mirror           lars-helander.name/tc
   Protocol        http
   Repository    tce or tcz

In appbrowser you should now select Connect and choose TCE or TCZ. This will
provide you with a list of the extensions available in the repository and you
should the scroll down until you find an extension named multimirror. If you
select it you will see the extension's info file in the right hand panel of
appbrowser. There you will find instructions on how to configure in order to
use local file system repositories as well as using multiple mirrors.


Offline samedirection

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Very cool.  Does it handle dependencies in the local repository?

Offline helander

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Very cool.  Does it handle dependencies in the local repository?

Yes it does. That was one of the reasons I started out creating this, since the Install Local option in appbrowser does not.