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Author Topic: Is it possible !? automatically; identify hardware, download and install drivers  (Read 5525 times)

Online xor

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Is this possible !?
automatically ; define hardware,
automatically ; drivers download,
automatically ; install drivers,

[Is it possible!?]
automatically; Identify hardware, download and install drivers, (Is this possible?)

 :o ;) :D ;D :)

Offline Zephyrus

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Sure why not.

Is it implemented? Most drivers are inbuilt already and will just work. I've generally had a bad time if I've had to manually install drivers for any Linux based system though.

Offline neonix

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Some extensions already install needed drivers automatically, like alsa. But you need to know what extension to choose for your hardware. The idea is not how to identify hardware, but what extensions are needed for you computer.

Offline wilzyy

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    • shroud settings
I haven't try this but theoretically it is possible. On settings maybe?