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Author Topic: Windows NT Batch Script to Install Core Linux ISO to USB Logical Drive  (Read 4733 times)

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Thanks for Core Linux! Love the project and the system runs great on every desktop I've tried.
The install process was simple from Windows (following newbielink:http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/wiki:install_usb_stepbystep [nonactive]), simple enough for me to cobble together this short batch script to automate the process. Copy this script to a text file and rename it as "tc-install.cmd".
Uses VBScript to elevate permissions for syslinux.exe and PowerScript to mount the first ISO it finds (but works by pre-mounting or inserting the CD as well). Tested on Win10, but it should work on any version back to WinXP.
Code: newbielink:javascript:void(0); [nonactive]
:: tc-install.cmd v0.1 - Core Linux Install for Windows NT
:: Batch script installs to Logical Drive by following this guide:
:: http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/wiki:install_usb_stepbystep
:: Copy this .cmd file to a folder containing both:
::   syslinux.exe for Windows, or it's available somewhere in PATH.
::   Core Linux current.iso, or it's already mounted/inserted.
:: Insert a USB drive and execute batch file after windows finds it.

SETLOCAL EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion

:: set/clear variables
FOR %%A IN (lf ans last skip allDrv srcDrv srcIso tarDrv) DO SET "%%A="
(SET \n=^
%=Do not remove this line=%

:: Use VBScript to request elevated permissions
>NUL fsutil dirty query %SYSTEMDRIVE% 2>&1 || (
MODE CON cols=80 lines=3
TITLE Please wait...
ECHO                         Requesting elevated shell...
ECHO Set UAC = CreateObject^("Shell.Application"^)>"%TEMP%\elevate.vbs"
ECHO UAC.ShellExecute "%~f0", "%TEMP%\elevate.vbs", "", "runas", 1 >>"%TEMP%\elevate.vbs"
IF EXIST "%TEMP%\elevate.vbs" START /B /WAIT >NUL cscript /nologo "%TEMP%\elevate.vbs" 2>&1
IF EXIST "%TEMP%\elevate.vbs" >NUL DEL /F "%TEMP%\elevate.vbs" 2>&1

:: check for needed files and mount ISO with PowerShell if present
ECHO %~nx0 v0.1 - Core Linux Install for Windows
CD /D "%~dp0" >NUL 2>&1
syslinux.exe >NUL 2>&1
IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 9009 ECHO syslinux.exe could not be found.& GOTO :stop
syslinux --version
PowerShell.exe /? >NUL 2>&1
IF %ERRORLEVEL% NEQ 9009 FOR %%A IN (*Core*.iso) DO IF "!srcIso!"=="" (
SET "srcIso=%%~fA"
%EKO%PowerShell mounting !srcIso!...
PowerShell.exe -Command "& {Dismount-DiskImage -ImagePath "%%~fA"}" >NUL 2>&1
PowerShell.exe -Command "& {Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath "%%~fA"}" >NUL 2>&1
IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (ECHO  failed.) ELSE (ECHO  done.)

:: discover and display all logical drives, find Core Linux files
ECHO Logical drives found (-^> indicates Core Linux source).
FOR %%@ IN (A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO %%@: 2>NUL && (
SET "volume%%@="
SET "allDrv=!allDrv!%%@ "
FOR /F "tokens=1-5*" %%A IN ('DIR /AD %%@: 2^>^&1') DO (
IF "!volume%%@!"=="" SET "volume%%@=%%F"
SET "line=%%A %%B %%C %%D %%E %%F"
SET "freeBytes%%@=%%C")
SET "tv%%@=!volume%%@!                  "
SET "tv%%@=!tv%%@:~0,18!"
SET "outLine=   %%@:!tv%%@! !freeBytes%%@! bytes free"
FOR /F "tokens=* delims=0123456789-,. " %%A IN ("!freeBytes%%@!") DO IF "%%A" NEQ "" (
SET "outLine=   %%@:No Media Inserted  !line!")
IF EXIST %%@:\boot\core.gz ( SET "srcDrv=!scrDrv!%%@ "
IF !freeBytes%%@! EQU 0 ( SET "outLine=-> %%@:!tv%%@! Core Linux CD"
) ELSE SET "outLine=-> %%@:!tv%%@! !freeBytes%%@! bytes free")
ECHO !outLine!
CD /D "%~dp0" >NUL 2>&1

:: user input and exit conditions
IF "%allDrv%"=="" ECHO No logical drives found.& GOTO :stop
IF "%srcDrv%"=="" ECHO No Core Linux install source found.& GOTO :stop
SET /P "tarDrv=Install Core Linux on to which drive? %allDrv: =,% ENTER to exit: "
IF "%tarDrv%"=="" ECHO Exiting script.& GOTO :stop
SET "tarDrv=%tarDrv:~0,1%"
IF NOT EXIST %tarDrv%: ECHO %tarDrv%: does not exist.& GOTO :stop
IF !freeBytes%tarDrv%! EQU 0 ECHO %tarDrv%: is either full or unwritable.& GOTO :stop

:: format logical drive
SET /P "ans=Format %tarDrv%:!volume%tarDrv%! as FAT32? Type desired volume name or ENTER to skip: "
ECHO Formatting will destroy all data on %tarDrv%:!volume%tarDrv%!
%EKO%If certain, press ENTER to continue...
FORMAT %tarDrv%: /FS:FAT32 /V:%ans% /Q >NUL
SET "volume%tarDrv%=!ans!"

:: choose source and copy files
SET "srcDrv=!srcDrv:%tarDrv% =!"
IF "%srcDrv%" NEQ "" ( SET "ans="
SET /P "ans=Source drive for Core Linux files? %srcDrv: =,% ENTER to skip: "
IF DEFINED ans (SET "ans=!ans:~0,1!"
IF NOT EXIST !ans!: ECHO !ans!: does not exist.& GOTO :stop
IF EXIST !ans!:\boot XCOPY !ans!:\boot %tarDrv%:\boot /E /I /Q /H /R /Y
IF EXIST !ans!:\tce XCOPY !ans!:\tce %tarDrv%:\tce /E /I /Q /H /R /Y
IF EXIST !ans!:\cde IF NOT EXIST %tarDrv%:\tce XCOPY !ans!:\cde %tarDrv%:\cde /E /I /Q /H /R /Y

:: install syslinux and adjust copied Core.iso files
%EKO%Installing syslinux on %tarDrv%:!volume%tarDrv%!...
syslinux.exe -mafi %tarDrv%: >NUL 2>&1
IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (ECHO  failed.) ELSE (ECHO  done.)
IF NOT EXIST %tarDrv%:\boot\core.gz ECHO %tarDrv%:\boot\core.gz not found.& GOTO :stop
%EKO%Adjusting Core.iso files...
RENAME %tarDrv%:\cde tce>NUL 2>&1
RENAME %tarDrv%:\boot\isolinux syslinux>NUL 2>&1
RENAME %tarDrv%:\boot\syslinux\isolinux.bin syslinux.bin>NUL 2>&1
IF NOT EXIST %tarDrv%:\boot\syslinux\isolinux.cfg GOTO :stop
FOR /F "delims=" %%A IN ('FINDSTR /N "^" "%tarDrv%:\boot\syslinux\isolinux.cfg"') DO (
SET "line=%%A"
SET "line=!line: cde waitusb= waitusb!"
SET "line=!line: cde= waitusb=5!"
SET "line=!line:*:=!"
IF DEFINED skip ( SET "skip="
IF DEFINED last %EKO%!last!!\n!!\n!
) ELSE IF DEFINED last %EKO%!last!!\n!
SET "last=!line!"
) ELSE SET "skip=1"
(IF DEFINED skip ( SET "skip="
IF DEFINED last %EKO%!last!!\n!!\n!
) ELSE IF DEFINED last %EKO%!last!!\n!
DEL /Q /F /A %tarDrv%:\boot\syslinux\isolinux.cfg >NUL 2>&1
ECHO  done.

IF DEFINED srcIso PowerShell.exe -Command "& {Dismount-DiskImage -ImagePath "!srcIso!"}" >NUL 2>&1
IF DEFINED tarDrv ATTRIB -H -S -R "%tarDrv%:\System Volume Information" /S /D >NUL 2>&1
IF DEFINED tarDrv RD /S /Q "%tarDrv%:\System Volume Information" >NUL 2>&1
timeout.exe >NUL 2>&1
IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 9009 (PAUSE) ELSE (timeout.exe /T 30)

Hopefully this helps others to more easily install Core Linux using a Windows platform.

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Re: Windows NT Batch Script to Install Core Linux ISO to USB Logical Drive
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2019, 12:30:12 AM »
As another lover of the Windows "shell", that's good work. I have always used core2usb for that purpose, but I see where this can be handy. Thanks!