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Author Topic: Chromebook burns TinyCore iso!  (Read 4920 times)

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Chromebook burns TinyCore iso!
« on: June 01, 2019, 03:30:15 AM »
I'm not talking about *running* TC on a Chromebook, just merely using it as a very expensive iso-burner. :)

I'm also not going to go into Crouton, or the linux beta environment (which as of right now can only share files, not do any hardware manipulation to usb sticks etc), nor developer mode.  Just a stock book to create a bootable USB TC stick on another device.

1) Download and install Google's own Chromebook Recovery Utility on your 'book.  Normally this is used for total recovery of the hardware if you really really bork it.

2) Download your favorite TC/Dcore iso.  Rename the file extension from ".iso" to ".bin"  (no quotes)

3) Insert your usb stick you are going to use for TC.  No need to open it.

4) Open up the chromebook recovery utility.  Then click to the coggy icon in the upper right corner to change your settings.  Choose "Use Local Image".

5) Select your tinycore iso image which you have dutifully renamed to have the .bin suffix instead of .iso.

6) Click next, and the stick will be burnt as a read-only filesystem like a cd.

One could live with this, but many will opt for the second step of booting this newly created usb on non-chromebook hardware, perhaps downloading and loading tc-install-GUI.tcz, and running that for a more "daily driver" type of TC on a secondary stick.

Maybe when my book goes EOL, I'll put it into dev mode, and do all that fun stuff to try and run TCpure64 directly.  But for now, this might come in handy somewhere.
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