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Author Topic: How to instal picore on RPi 3B+ from Windows  (Read 3251 times)

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Re: How to instal picore on RPi 3B+ from Windows
« Reply #15 on: March 16, 2019, 04:19:50 AM »
I wasn't aware piCore mounted the first partition as /boot like Raspbian,
I always thought it was mounted as /mnt/mmcblk0p1 by default.

Ah! i was also working from memory ,..
"boot_folder" not literally mounted @ '/boot'
but loosely meaning  "boot partition"   ;)

the confusion i guess is mount points vs  partition labels ,
as you point out the first "firmware/boot" partition
is usually mounted as  /boot in Raspbian (the pi default os)   also labeled "boot"
and mounted at /mnt/mmcblk0p1 on picore by default!





+ http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,22596.msg141571.html#msg141571

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Re: How to instal picore on RPi 3B+ from Windows
« Reply #16 on: May 10, 2019, 12:50:00 PM »
For anyone else like me that's looking to get a CM3+ running with piCore.  I didn't really want to dive into using v10 as it's not released.  In a bit of poking I was able to use an exising 9.0.3 piCore image I had setup and just replaced the following files from the master of the raspberry pi firmware repo (link below).


newbielink:https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware [nonactive]
(commit 9fd387c96353dd9983aa73bd33b541926de93789 in case it really matters)

Not sure how ghetto this, it but on a first pass all seems to be working. 

[Edit]: I clearly posted too quickly.  The single USB port doesn't even seem to recognize a keyboard, so not exactly a win.
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