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Author Topic: ash-based Mulinux ?  (Read 1924 times)

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ash-based Mulinux ?
« on: January 21, 2019, 08:24:25 AM »
Seeing that we are into the
 minimalist, ash/busybox, solid-state-disk -based systems:
who knows about the 90's single-fd0 based mulinux ?
We can't ignore the android WAVE, despite the annoyance.
I've spent?wasted plenty time investigating how to do NNTP/Usenet
from an android mobile. Initially, how to install the kbox4
terminal and <simulated linux shell> to be able to do many *nix
commands, without rooting the device.
 After I lost my WiFi connection [forced to install pppd for TC64
too], I switched to investigating minimalist NTTP-communication
via nc.   From TC64, right now, pasteing these lines:--
nc news.eternal-september.org 119 |tee -a /tmp/nc4NNTP
GROUP comp.mobile.android
GROUP comp.os.linux.misc
gets results [if you've got a username & password].
Then I looked at my old files of eg. mulinux14/rna.
What a beauty. rna is a bit like `pine`: a mail & news client.
When I tested it, years ago, I had 1st-class mail & news
facilities so didn't pay much attention to it.
Now that this African <Trump-shithole> situation has evolved,
I need to lower my standards.

-> cat /mnt/sdb2/CRG/mulinux/Mul14/usr/rna/rna | wc -l == 898
Some snippets of rna's code show the coding style:-
 export SEND="${SEND_POST}"
 case ${reply_type} in
                a) $SEND_MAIL < $TMP/reply ;;
                n) $SEND_POST < $TMP/reply ;;
                b) $SEND_POST < $TMP/reply
                $SEND_MAIL < $TMP/reply ;;
        echo -e "\nSUCK logs ----------------\n";\
        cat ${FETCH_POST_LOG};\
        echo -e "\nrpost logs ----------------\n";\
        cat ${SEND_POST_LOG};\
        ) > $TMP/logs
        muless -e $EXE -n logs -t "Log files" -b "$logs_menu" $TMP/logs
=> muless: the compiled binary [a callback mechanism] is apparently
the key to the <slick human interface>?
I haven't yet found where/if nc fits in.

I'm looking for a good <ash script tutor>.
The Italian Physics professor, originator of Mulinux, seems to
have programming ideas which I'd like to learn.
BTW mulinux's default editor e3: is a 12'664Byte *STATIC* binary,
WordStarSyntaxed; better than TC's, IMO.
== PS. My QUESTIONS are ID-ed by "?"