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Author Topic: just wanted to all know  (Read 1520 times)

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just wanted to all know
« on: September 25, 2018, 07:48:32 AM »
hi guys...its been awhile, years to be sure...i just wanted to share something, but before that just little backstory...im not really a techie kind of guy, so i really don't know much...i started Linux because i have this very old computer i forgot the specs but its very old and i have no money to buy a new computer and back then all i knew is Windows...i just wanted an alternative to run my computer and there i found Linux...i really have no experience with Linux so it was scary..long story short i got the courage to try Linux...so i did some research and found Debian (i know there's a lot out there but this really stood out for me) so i tried it...with no Linux experience just trial and error and reading taking notes...i installed it and loved every bit of that experience...but months had passed, just as i said i have no experience with Linux so i keep on sudoing and keep screwing up my system and i think it was also too much for the old computer (because i didn't know you could choose your desktop back then)...hehehe...but i promised i would come back and really run a Debian system and learn from it...anyway with that experience i also now know what i wanted in my system no i know i wanted a MINIMAL everything...so back to research then i found you guys i found Tinycore and at first it was all weird and stuff i didn't think i would see what i was looking for...i was terrible wrong...there's a bigger side to Tinycore and much more that i'm glad and thankful that i found and stick to...and it was perfect for everything my laptop and old computer...fast forward to now i am still running everything that i could thing of with Tinycore with my i7 and i3...But something got me wanting different and wanted to change or experiment a bit and i'm still a huge fan of minimal and JWM and i will never let it go NOT EVER!!!...just to start things off i tried to install the latest Tinycore but after that in my searches i keep seeing this i3 in screenshots and forums..and i didn't know it was a tilling manager i know of tilling manager before, but i didn't think it would work for me plus i started with JWM which was awesome..anyway so i guess i wanted to try i3 it just a try and also they said i could configure it...so installed it with Tinycore and added all other minimal packages that i would always install with Tinycore....and after all the install is done i now wanted to try the configure i3

anyway i know that is all so long and its the backstory but this is why i'm really writing this, in my searches on how to configure i3 i came a cross this guy and his topic


sometimes i felt that way (even though i still know nothing about linux) that "hhhmmmm..maybe i could try this or maybe i could try that"
but i would also ask "WHY? Tinycore does everything that i want it to, i could configure my computer and look just like all other systems out there,and it never breaks, it never let me down!!! I would run TC until there is Intel i500 or something"

so bottom-line is this post is really a thank you!!!
to all the Tinycore people with your work i could see the beauty of Linux in it, its fun and safe to learn
thank you to all the admins, users, the help, forum here in TINYCORE
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! you guys are amazing!!!

P.S. i also didnt know there was a Arch Linux now all i knew is just Tinycore Debain Ubuntu Slackware Redhat and some other fork....i told you i loved Tinycore that i didnt look back just always to your site wiki and forum  ;D

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Re: just wanted to all know
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2019, 12:12:08 AM »
Thats the nice way of expressing the thanks !
... Hope users are also aware of the original TCL project gentleman Mr. Roberts and his team mates, when this great project was started ! :)
Thanks to all of them !