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Author Topic: [SOLVED] BusyBox - HTTPd config/compilation  (Read 880 times)

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[SOLVED] BusyBox - HTTPd config/compilation
« on: August 05, 2018, 08:44:54 PM »
Hi all!

Any idea where I can find the 9.x busybox-httpd.config file?  (I'm compiling on ARM7 at the moment, but that should not have much/any bearing.)
(I ran menuconfig and shut everything down manually leaving only bb-httpd...  but the end results are 92KB me...  32KB TCL :^/ )  Something's off somewhere and I figured I'd ask before reinventing the wheel.  Thank you!

Sorry guys, guess I didn't dig far enough back in history!  Found it in V4.x
Ran with the existing script; a lot of bloat (seemingly) between v1.21 and 1.29 as it's gone from 32KB in size to 79.6KB...
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