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Author Topic: can't get full fullscreen with flwm/openbox and webbrowser  (Read 510 times)

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i am trying to make a picore based photo frame that loads a certain page that will (*duh*) show a photo and a few buttons for options. so far no luck. i am using picore 9.x, so it doesn't have midori or chromium. i have tested browsers: vivaldi, dolli and fifth. vivaldi doesn't have a fullscreen option when running from cli (why!?). dolli seemed almost perfect, but it's fullscreen mode still shows the top window bar. i have disabled window decoration for it in rc.xml in openbox, but it still has the top bar. and when it starts up, it is not fully fullscreen, there is a little space on the right side of the screen. in rc.xml i set x and y to 0, width and height to maximized. am i missing somthing?

does anyone know of a browser that has true fullscreen?

i have tried compiling midori for 9.x but webkit asks for renderproto which isn't included in xorg-proto-dev (but should?). i found a very minimalistic browser on github, but uses webkit as well so i ended up with the same problem.

first time trying something with tinycore. any help would be appreciated. i really want the photo frame to run from ram so it can be safely unplugged without sd card corruption or dirty bit set and halt on boot the next time it is connected. photo frame is for eldery family and relatives so see constantly updated photos of the grandchildren. so it should be very simple true plug and play.
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Re: can't get full fullscreen with flwm, openbox
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2018, 12:50:28 AM »
Why not wget and a normal image viewer instead of a browser?
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Re: can't get full fullscreen with flwm/openbox and webbrowser
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2018, 12:55:23 AM »
that was my first idea was and may go that way in the end. i decided to go with a browser so you can touch the photo to go to next one, add a few buttoms off screen so you can sroll down (using official pi touchscreen) to choose previous photo (in case you want to look at it a bit longer than the set time), email the photo and an option to choose to show only the photos from last 7 days.

still have to implement the part where the server will check a certain email and download the iamge attachments and stores them on the server. so people can email their photos to a certain email address and they will automatically be available in the photo frame.