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Author Topic: GNU Parallel - requesting TC9 64-bit version (we do have the TC8 32-bit)  (Read 935 times)

Offline Rudock1

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Hi Juanito,

Last year you graciously provided an update to the GNU Parallel utility:

GNU Parallel - Does anybody have a recent 32-bit version running on TC?

It has performed splendidly, but we have since moved over to TC v9 Corepure64. I am hoping now you might have another go at it and create a 64-bit version for the TC 9.0 repository?


Either way, many thanks again for all your previous help.


Offline Juanito

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Since parallel is a collection of scripts, the extension from the x86 repo would probably have worked?

Offline polikuo

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Code: [Select]
tc@box:~$ head -n 1 /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/*
==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel <==
#!/usr/bin/env bash

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.ash <==
#!/usr/bin/env ash

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.bash <==
#!/usr/bin/env bash

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.csh <==
#!/usr/bin/env csh

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.dash <==
#!/usr/bin/env dash

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.fish <==
#!/usr/bin/env fish

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.ksh <==
#!/usr/bin/env ksh

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.pdksh <==
#!/usr/bin/env pdksh

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.sh <==
#!/usr/bin/env sh

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.tcsh <==
#!/usr/bin/env tcsh

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/env_parallel.zsh <==
#!/usr/bin/env zsh

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/niceload <==
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/parallel <==
#!/usr/bin/env perl

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/parcat <==

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/parset <==
#!/usr/bin/env bash

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/sem <==
#!/usr/bin/env perl

==> /tmp/tcloop/parallel/usr/local/bin/sql <==
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

The shebang of the (perl) scripts may be error-prone, thought I'm not exactly sure since I don't have anything to test with.
The alternatives should be
Code: [Select]
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use warnings;
Code: [Select]
#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w

Offline Rudock1

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Thank you, Juanito and polikuo, I appreciate your assistance.

I found the parallel.tcz in the TC9-64 repository.  I have tested and it does work very well under TC9 64.

Indeed, I should have realized that as a collection of perl scripts it would have worked well with the 64-bit perl5.tcz .  I live and learn!