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I've had a lot of luck using old tcz's from past repositories with more modern versions of TC x86 - I was wondering why not let the Apps Browser also browse thru the older repositories and with a disclaimer/warning?

In a post from a few months ago I mentioned an older tcz working and Juanito moved it into the current repository, but I don't really want to be making work for Admin/Mods. Seems like letting the App Browser access all the past repositories - would both expand the amount of software applications available for TinyCore and make less work in the longterm for TCE authors/Mods/Admins.  Although in the short term re-coding the Apps Browser with that feature would take some time and resources.

Has this been discussed / suggested before?


In general it is risky to use older repos due to different dependencies and conflict havin different versions of the same package installed. Short term hacking solution for personal use on your own risk just change the version number back to an older one and use older repos.

Ahh I didnt know that- Where is this version number located that it references?

Hi binarydemon
You can find it here:

--- Code: ---tc@box:~$ cat /usr/share/doc/tc/release.txt
--- End code ---

Thanks Rich!


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