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Author Topic: Any way to increase the text mode console scroll back buffer in Tiny Core?  (Read 616 times)

Offline Rudock1

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Hi all

I have a Tiny Core Linux console usability question.  In pure text mode (not X GUI) I would like to know how to increase the default scroll back buffer. 

I use the traditional shift-PgUp and shift-PgDn to access the buffer now but it's never quite enough.  I understand how to capture stdout by piping to less and tee, but usually I am not prepared ahead of time to set up the command that way.  Having a thousand lines, like in xterminal, would be great.  Is there an easy way to accomplish this in text console, perhaps with a utility?

I have searched and tried various ideas but so far I haven't found a solution that extends the scroll back buffer beyond the boot default.

Many thanks in advance!

Online Rich

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Hi Rudock1
Here's a link to using  fbcon  to get a larger buffer: