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Author Topic: udisks and udisks2 startup script  (Read 853 times)

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udisks and udisks2 startup script
« on: July 28, 2017, 09:42:04 PM »
The udisks and udisks2 startup scripts have been changed to replace the command "pam-auth-update --force" with "pam-auth-update --package".  According to the pam-auth-update man page, the --package option is to be used by package scripts, the --force option is never to be used by package scripts.  Apparently the --force option was keeping xscreensaver from being able to lock once the udisks2 package was installed.  Changing to the --package flag does not interfere with xscreensaver and also allows the usb icons to appear in the Enlightenment desktop upon inserting and removal of usb drives which if I recall was the reason the udisks/udisks2 startup scripts were created.  Those who use udisks or Enlightenment please test the changes though all seems well on my dCore-zesty setup using Enlightenment 21 from the below PPA:


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Re: udisks and udisks2 startup script
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2017, 01:29:25 PM »
usb pen drives icons were already appearing on my enlightenment desktop, but I'm not using xscreensaver (but u gave me an idea to use it, it's nice), anyway re-imported enlightenment sce, which is where udisks2 resides and things work.
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