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Author Topic: Is it possible to boot tinycore fully in memory in raspbery pi or clone?  (Read 757 times)

Offline Lassar

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Flash drives get corrupted so easy.

Is it possible to use a sd card as firmware, and run tinycore fully in memory.

I was thinking of using a raspberry or clone as a internet radio.

Offline Rich

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Hi Lassar
Create an empty file called  copy2fs.flg  in your  tce  directory. This will cause extensions to be loaded into RAM instead
of being loop mounted.

Offline Greg Erskine

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Flash drives get corrupted so easy.

Hi Lassar,

I think you are worrying about something that *may* not be a problem.

We have hundreds of people using piCorePlayer, using our application, SD cards don't get corrupted very often (if at all) thanks to piCore.

I suppose it could be dependant on your particular application?