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Author Topic: spacefm question about setting 'Preferences>Advanced>Terminal' to urxvt  (Read 754 times)

Offline Rudock1

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Hi All, if you use SpaceFM, I have a quick question.

I enjoy using SpaceFM for most GUI file management tasks.  Persistence is pretty good except for locking in my preferred terminal, urxvt.  The app defaults to aterm.  SpaceFM has several "Root" and "SU" preference options which don't quite relate to the Tiny Core root sudo su way.  In SpaceFM when you change terminal preference it takes you down a "Save Root Settings" route because "SpaceFM runs some commands as root via su, these settings are best protected by root."

It pops open a SU terminal window asking for "Password:"  There is a settings file in /etc/spacefm named tc-as-root where I think this gets saved but it is not intended to be edited, or so it says.

Is there even an answer for the SU terminal password question? 
Have you managed to lock in your favorite non-aterm terminal?

Manually editing and adding etc/spacefm/tc-as-root to .filetool.lst works but it does say it is a SpaceFM session file not designed to be edited... I'd like to respect that if possible if there is another way with the so-called "SU" password.



Offline Misalf

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Editing  /etc/spacefm/tc-as-root  and adding that to the backup is exactly what I would do. ;)
Not sure about how to get rid of that terminal window asking for sudo password which isn't needed anyways.
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Online coreplayer2

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Interesting because I often think about modifying the code to open a new window with elevated privileges without the need to enter the password..

Meanwhile two methods I know of with SpaceFM to open a privileged window are
1. File > Root Window > Enter password  (assuming one has been set)
2. " sudo spacefm "