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Author Topic: LOW priority mirrors.tcz may have out-of-date mirror?  (Read 768 times)


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LOW priority mirrors.tcz may have out-of-date mirror?
« on: September 06, 2016, 05:04:31 PM »

Recently I failed to spot the server upgrade post, failed to look at the wiki

failed until a kind TC member took pity on me to edit my

If other members agree site has merit.....here is my test site


input the url and press enter
so good example is

It's just you. http://kambing.ui.ac.id is up

try aussie mirror
It's not just you! http://tinycore.mirror.uber.com.au looks down from here.

hope that helps decide whether to update TCZ

of course their server may be down for mainenance at time of posting, so I may be wrong.

If members feel site has merit.....I could then test all sites in mirrors.tcz and/or wiki but may not be able to do so
soonish as planning to go away next week
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