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Author Topic: please help with a custom kernel with CONFIG_GPIOLIB enabled in the .config file  (Read 1784 times)

Offline mikesters

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Hello everybody,

Unfortunately I don't have the experience or the development environment to build TC kernels.
Could anybody please build me a kernel with CONFIG_GPIOLIB enabled in the .config file and add the GPIO module built from these source files: http://pcengines.ch/file/apu3_gpios.tar.bz2

I would be very grateful  8)

Best regards,

Offline bmarkus

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You did not specify for which TC version, which kernel version and which architecture you want it  >:(
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Offline mikesters

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ooops, terribly sorry about that  ::)
TC and kernel version should be as recent as possible, architecture x86.

Offline mikesters

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dr HA5DI,

Would you please build some kernel for me with this GPIO module in it? thnx  ;)

73 de mikesters

Offline Juanito

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Here's how to do it for yourself:
Code: [Select]
$ tce-load -i compiletc perl5 bash ncurses-dev bc advcomp

[compile kernel]
$ tar xf linux-4.2.9-patched.tar.xz
$ cd linux-4.2.9

$ make mrproper
$ cp ../config-4.2.9-tinycore .config
$ make oldconfig

$ make menuconfig
[navigate to gpio support and enable with spacebar]
Device Drivers -> GPIO Support [*]
[exit and save changes]

$ make [46m 33.02s]

$ cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /path-to-safe-place/vmlinuz

[compile gpio driver]
$ cd ..
$ sudo ln -s linux-4.2.9 /lib/modules/4.2.9-tinycore/build

$ tar xf apu3_gpios.tar.bz2
$ cd apu3_gpios

$ rm gpio-apu3.ko
$ make
$ gzip gpio-apu3.ko
$ advdef -z4 gpio-apu3.ko.gz
$ cp gpio-apu3.ko.gz /path-to-safe-place
[ actual destination /usr/local/lib/modules/4.2.9-tinycore/kernel/drivers/gpio