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« on: June 11, 2009, 11:12:10 PM »
Thanks to Lee Muller for gtm5:

Code: [Select]
Title:          gtm5.tce
Description:    GTM Mumps - programming language / database engine (TESTING)
Version:        5.3-003
Author:         Sanchez Computer Associates, Inc.
Original-site:  http://www.fidelityinfoservices.com/FNFIS/Markets/NonfinancialIndustries/Healthcare/gtm/
Copying-policy: Affero GNU General Public License version 3 (AGPLV3)
Size:           About 5 MB
Extension_by:   Lee Muller
Comments:       Currently testing on tc 1.2 & tc 2.0
                No deps.
                Should be PPI-compatible but not tested.

                To use:
                 1) tce-load the extension
                 2) cd ~tc/gtm5
                 3) . ./gtm5.dot.me
                 4) mumps -direct    (to enter the interactive mumps environment)
                 5) (do your mumps activities - see the docs referenced below)
                 6) Enter   H   at the GTM> prompt to exit (halt) back to the OS.
                 7) Make sure your database is included in your backup.

                Extension build process:
                I did -not- recompile this package, just downloaded and
                used the distribution package as follows:
                 1) Modified the configure script to use group "staff" and
                    user "tc" for file ownership.  The modified configure
                    script is included in the extension for reference only.  It
                    does not need to be run - it was run in the original untar
                 2) Installed using configure.  It bitched about one missing
                    file but didn't say which one.  Seems to work anyhow.
                 3) Ran GDE to create a default global directory file (mumps.gld)
                 4) Ran "mupip create" to create a default database file on
                    a mounted real drive, then gzipped the file and moved it
                    to the install directory for later installation to a working
                    directory (mupip will not create a database file on the
                    ramdisk - it reports no free space).
                 5) Created gtm5.dot.me to define some environment variables.
                    This can be either sourced or included into ~/.profile.
                 6) Created /usr/local/tce.installed/gtm5 which checks to see
                    if ~tc/gtm5/ exists and, if it doesn't, creates it and
                    copies gtm5.dot.me and mumps.dat to it and gunzips mumps.dat.

                Programmer documentation:

                Administrator documentation;
                  This has the installation procedures for the original tar file (ch. 2)

                Source code URL:

Current:        2009/06/11 - Initial Release