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Author Topic: tinycore & microcore v2.1rc1  (Read 3240 times)

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tinycore & microcore v2.1rc1
« on: June 15, 2009, 08:41:52 AM »
First Release Candidate of v2.1 is now posted.



Change log:
* New waitforX eliminates WM timing issues.
* Updated busybox to 1.13.4 - command line history set to 150.
* Updated desktop.sh for dynamic wbar adds exec - eliminates extra shell.
* Updated jwm_makemenu for dynamic menu adds exec - eliminates extra shell.
* Added modules hwmon & rfkill for better support of laptops.
* Updated startx with support for additional X server core elements.
* Updated xsetup.sh for support of additional X server core elements.
* Updated squashfs module to prevent spurious squashfs errors upon boot.
* Fixed bug in tce-wget to use /opt/.tce_dir was using debugging code of /tmp/.tce_dir.
* Updated tc-config & tc-restore.sh with norestore moved from tc-restore.sh to tc-config.
* Fallback to prior lspci for default detail report.

Note: The jwm extension menu is quite different, now a traditional single text file instead of multiple includes.

Update your .xesssion to get the benefit of waitforX

For microcore you need to grab the new Xprogs.core.tczl
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