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Author Topic: How to create multiple desktops and connect to them remotely with ssl  (Read 2250 times)

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This is useful if you need to work on your computer when you are away from your desk while traveling or sitting in a coffee shop. It is also useful in situations where a co-worker or IT support technician needs access to your desktop to resolve a problem.
And also when you need to connect remotely and you need your own remote display with out disturbing other local user.

You need tightvnc for creating virtual x disply and x11vnc to connect using ssl.
First you have to install these 2 packages then enter these command in terminal.
First create display 1 with Xvnc
tc@box:~$ Xvnc -nevershared -localhost -rfbauth /home/tc/.vnc/passwd -geometry 1024x768 -depth 24 :1
now redirect desktop to display 1
tc@box:~$ DISPLAY=:1 "$DESKTOP"
now use x11vnc to use that display which created by Xvnc
x11vnc -ssl TMP -usepw -ultrafilexfer -shared -forever -display :1

now connect from remote computer with ssvnc using ssl and certificates

Malik Awan