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Author Topic: TinyCore 5.14 on Cubieboard_1 running from uSD card  (Read 4488 times)

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TinyCore 5.14 on Cubieboard_1 running from uSD card
« on: July 15, 2016, 01:17:28 AM »
Hi Cubieboard friends:
It has been a long time since i played around with CB1. Today I discovered that I had a uSD card laying around with a TCL 5.14 on it and I tried it to boot  on an older CB1. Wow - I could not believe it, it booted into TCL GUI and showed that I had installed leafpad, mc, iceweasel and Dillo. (the ssh server is also running)
I put the uSD card together by myself with the help of several TCL forum members.
Iceweasei is so incredibly fast that I thought this uSD card might be useful for other CB1 users, but I do not know how to share it. There are not many good operating systems for the old CB1 available. There is an Armbian from Igor which is relatively slow and some other debian based oses in the forum.

Any ideas?
t(w)o be(ers) or not t(w)o be(ers) that is the question