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Author Topic: HOWTO: Xvesa (Xfbdev) with Polish keyboard layout  (Read 2982 times)

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HOWTO: Xvesa (Xfbdev) with Polish keyboard layout
« on: May 12, 2013, 02:59:21 AM »
Here's a guide, basted on Tiny Core Linux 1.4.3

Load extensions: compiletc, Xorg-7.4-dev-light
Download precompiled Xserver-6-6-1
wget http://ftp.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/tinycorelinux/archive/src/Xserver-6.6.1-src.tar.gz
unpack it tar -xzf /Xserver-6.6.1-src.tar.gz
got to /home/tc/Xserver-6-6-1/dix/ directory
add #define  XK_LATIN2 to /home/tc/Xserver-6-6-1/dix/dixutils.c
sudo make clean
sudo make
go to /home/tc/Xserver-6-6-1/hw/kdrive/linux directory
edit keyboard.c
XK_threesuperior -> XK_lstroke
XK_ecircumflex -> XK_eogonek
XK_plusminus -> XK_aogonek
XK_questiondown -> XK_zabovedot
XK_onequarter -> XK_zacute
XK_paragraph -> XK_sacute
XK_ntilde -> XK_nacute
XK_ae -> XK_cacute

You don't  have to change oacute because it was already in latin-1.
You don't have to change uppercase, it will works automatically without modification.

go to /home/tc/Xserver-6-6-1/hw/kdrive directory
sudo make clean
sudo make

now copy Xvesa (or Xfbdev) to /usr/bin/
sudo chmod 4577 /usr/bin/Xvesa
load kmaps extension using appbrowser
close (shutdown) Xserver (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace) and go to console mode
and type
sudo loadkmaps < /usr/share/kmap/pl2.kmap (only when Xserver is closed)

And now Polish diacritic letters work in Opera 11.01, Geany ...
It doesn't work in Firefox, aterm ...