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Author Topic: conntrack-tools  (Read 3249 times)

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« on: February 01, 2013, 09:48:01 AM »
conntrack-tools version 1.2.2 is now in the repo. Although the latest version is 1.4, it requires a 3.6 kernel.
The  conntrack -E  command reports traffic when it occurs and the  conntrack -L  command returns a table.
conntrack -C  and  conntrack -S  also returned results. No other testing was done, as someone familiar with
the program is required for that. The package also contains an  nfct  command which I don't know how to use.
It depends on libnetfilter_cttimeout which supposedly requires a 3.4 kernel.
Three man files are included in this package.
I've listed this version as  (TESTING), so please use with caution.