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Since last week I have done some more testing and put out a new stable release, 0.7.4 now on


This should fix the issues reported on Tiny Core 0.4.0 and also observed with the 3.0.3 kernel configuration.
There are also a few minor improvements (search ordering in scan window).

Best regards


Just tested 0.7.2 from the repo with 4.4.rc2 (3.0.21) and it works correctly. The only issue I found that F1/F2/F3 keys doesn't work at least on the stock TC, F7/F8/F9/F10 are ok. Seems to be an aterm issue, in Lxterm fkeys are OK except F10 which conflicts with lxterm's own quit. Adding (configurable?) short keys would solve the problem with various terminals.

0.7.4 behaves on the same way. I'm submitting it to the repo.



thank you for reporting the key-binding issue. I will see what I can do. ( An earlier overlap with gnome-terminal's F1
help key had lead to adding the short-cut 'i' for the info screen.)
The fix in 0.7.4 is for the following problem: if /proc/net/wireless is empty, wavemon was not able to find the wireless
interfaces and would not even start. If it now encounters an empty /proc/net/wireless, it will no longer affect operation,
since /proc/net/dev is used instead. If really no wireless interfaces exist at all, it will report this and exit.


Update on the aterm/lxterm problem:

I have added two fixes to address the problems described above, both are in the development tarball (URL
as above), on top of 0.7.4.

The F1..F4 keys on aterm produce different sequences than advertised by the rxvt terminfo entry, it produces
the vt100 PF1..4 \EOP..\EOS key sequences. Due to the mismatch, the key sequences are sent uninterpreted,
so that the F1..F4 keys are not recognized (htop has the same problem, mc works around this).

The solution to tackle this problem is to catch those escape sequences and to re-interpret them as F1..F4 keys.
It was tested to work with aterm,  it may also work with similar terminals.

For the other problem of terminals that remap F1..10 there is a second fix: each screen now additionally
has a shortcut corresponding to the first letter of the screen name
(F1 -> 'i', F2 -> 'l', F3 -> 's', F7 -> 'p', F8 -> 'h', F9 -> 'a', F10 -> 'q').

It is probably too early to do another stable release, since this only has two new patches on top of 0.7.4, would it
be possible to test the above update -- I believe it addresses the described problems.

Just tested the new version and it works fine, so Iwill update TC repo keeping version number 0.7.4 and indicating changes in .info


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