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Author Topic: Remark for Upgrade of Xprogs with MC: workaround necessary (Appsaudit nOK)  (Read 1677 times)

Offline floppy

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I had my computer booted with mc3.8.2 + Xorg7.4 and Xprogs and.. (on boot) and wanted to upgrade the mnttool of Xprogs.tcz (I will upgrade to mc3.8.3, too).
So, I used the appsaudit, menu update. But the Xprogs update was not detected.
So, I deleted the Xprogs.tcz with fluff.
And used the appbrowser for loading Xprogs.tcz.
I choose the option "onboot" but it said it was already installed (despite it was not existing; it was only in RAM because the computer was already booted).
Then I choose the option "Download only", then goes to Appsaudit and changed the status of Xprogs to "Onboot".
Ouf.. it take me a bit time. I would have expected the Xprogs.tcz update would be detected by the Appsaudit.
But this is not so important: this is just an information if somebody detect an issue (perhaps with me..;-).
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For apps audit to detect that an upgrade is available, the relevant md5sum needs to be present with the extension - was it?

If you want to manually delete a loaded extension, you first need to reboot "base norestore" and then delete the extension.