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Corepure64 / How do I run TinyCorelinux on WSL/WSSL2?
« Last post by tinycorelinux on May 16, 2022, 05:48:44 AM »
Hi all, I am currently looking for a way to run TCL on WSL/WSL2, is this possible? If so, how should I do it? Thank you for your answers.
Raspberry Pi / Re: xhosts on picore ?
« Last post by MrToga on May 16, 2022, 05:17:09 AM »
When I try :
Code: [Select]
ssh -X tc@ worked so I don't know where's the problem.
I still can't use
Code: [Select]
xterm -display
Raspberry Pi / Re: xhosts on picore ?
« Last post by Juanito on May 16, 2022, 05:11:09 AM »
As mentioned earlier, I can run x11vnc on an RPi3 and use vinagre on an RPi4 to access its gui remotely.
Raspberry Pi / Re: xhosts on picore ?
« Last post by Juanito on May 16, 2022, 05:09:00 AM »
Code: [Select]
ssh -Y tc@
tc@'s password:
Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.
X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0
Raspberry Pi / Re: xhosts on picore ?
« Last post by Juanito on May 16, 2022, 05:06:56 AM »
I wonder if the problem is here:
Code: [Select]
ssh -X tc@
tc@'s password:
Warning: untrusted X11 forwarding setup failed: xauth key data not generated

Code: [Select]
cat ~/.ssh/ssh_config
Host *                 
ForwardX11 yes
ForwardX11Trusted yes
XAuthLocation /usr/local/bin/xauth
Off-Topic - Tiny Core Lounge / min browser
« Last post by vinceASPECT on May 16, 2022, 05:03:57 AM »
HEllo F,

i don't know but "MIN BROWSER" is a real stripped back Chromium version.....it seams to work
nice but does not allow chrome extensions

ver 1.24

it has a "TRANSLATE THIS WEB PAGE" feature in it's right click menu.........which offers about 25 languages........ you may find it very useful

Raspberry Pi / Re: xhosts on picore ?
« Last post by MrToga on May 16, 2022, 05:00:53 AM »
Hi juanito,

After installing x11vnc the vnc connection worked fine with my ip adress.
And after checking my port tcp6000 with nmap like CNK say it show me that this port is closed.
How can I open it?
Raspberry Pi / Re: xhosts on picore ?
« Last post by CNK on May 16, 2022, 04:11:40 AM »
I also found something here (https://www.x.org/releases/current/doc/man/man5/xorg.conf.5.xhtml) in the section Fontpath but I don't know how to use it.
Any toughts on how to open all my port?

From the computer that you're trying to run the X client program on, you can use nmap to show whether port 6000 is open. That's the port that the Xorg server listens at for client connections:
Code: [Select]
n map -Pn -p 6000
(remove the space between 'n' and 'map' - the forum is playing its "server error" tricks with me again and it's decided that program's name is a dirty word)
(assuming that is still the IP address of the computer you want the window to display on, based on your earlier post)

xorg.conf shouldn't have anything to do with it, unless as Juanito suggests X isn't starting up in the first place. It's unclear to me whether you're trying to display programs running on your 'computer' on the Pi, or programs running on the Pi on your 'computer' though.
PlayOnLinux Redux....

re: http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,22802.0.html

The number of people who know linux very well is not as much as you think!
For this, a basic infrastructure must be formed.
that's why I haven't fully switched to linux for years,
it has a lot of interface shortcomings and visual incompatibilities.
For the last 10 years, I have seen TCL as the closest linux to the correct configuration.
linux offers a lot of options, but unfortunately it is an operating system that misses its target audience unknowingly!

please define "target audience"?

and...just so we are crystal clear...the vast majority(99.99 percent) of the global human population doesn't give a rat's behind about "linux" and/or "open-source" and/or FSF/FOSS/ETC...

they are only interested in "something"..."anything"...that JUST WORKS.

also...ahem...you might reread Rich:
Hi xor
From the website:
Not planned

    Porting to other Linux distributions and operating systems. For now, I want a fast, accurate, and
    stable version for RedHat-based Linux distributions. Currently these are CentOS 7, CentOS Stream
    and Fedora.
However, NEXTSPACE was designed to be portable and thus this point may be
    changed in future.
Found here:

Nextspace also needs  systemd.
Tinycore does not use  systemd  and there are no plans to change that.

As a lazy person , this was not the answer I was expecting ! :( ...
How sad for you.
Tinycore was not designed for lazy people.

Rich: Lazy people need to use a more full featured distro that caters to everyone.
xor:  But I like Tinycore. Those other distros are big and bloated.
Rich: If we add all of the stuff you want, Tinycore will be big and bloated too.

and, yes, we know english is not your tongue...
and google translate is a poor translator...
but still:

Please go ahead and try and let us know how you get on.

20220516-0531am-modified-corrected grammar mistake
TCE Q&A Forum / Re: startup
« Last post by andyb1973 on May 16, 2022, 03:22:16 AM »
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