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piCore Test Releases / Re: piCore-9.0beta3 released
« Last post by Juanito on April 27, 2017, 04:30:35 AM »
yes, you will need pulseaudio to connect a bluetooth speaker
piCore Test Releases / Re: piCore-9.0beta3 released
« Last post by beerstein on April 27, 2017, 02:29:23 AM »
thank you Juanito. Now bluetooth works from command line. Connected a keyboard and a mouse, but had problems with an external bluetooth speaker. To hook this speaker up is probably another animal.
Pulseaudio comes into play here. Hmm?
Blueman does not work out of the box yet.
After the bluetooth daemon was running and I had the bluetooth command line:
Code: (bash) [Select]
[bluetooth]# connect 7C:1E:52:67:41:FA
Attempting to connect to 7C:1E:52:67:41:FA
I was able to start blueman from its icon in wbar and the management gui window was stable and working.
BTW: piCore with this configuration will be very useful with the newly introduced PI ZERO W, which has built in WIFI and Bluetooth - and is available too. Using Raspian with the ZERO ---> too slow IMO.
Fakeroot was designed to confuse tar (and cpio) into believing all files are owned by root.

So the default setting for fakeroot will work perfectly if there are only files (directories and links) and they should be owned by root. If some have to be owned by "tc" or "staff" things may break without save files. (Note: The chroot() system call and secure device access won't work; eg syslinux/grub)


Looking at core.gz it seems to have device files built in, so you're not completely wrong.
Fakeroot needs a save file to preserve those.
Ach ja mir ist noch eine Frage eingefallen:

Was wäre, wenn ich ganz viel im Tinicore-Betriebssystem speicher... Also ich sag jetzt einfach mal. ich speicher 5 GB. Wie würde das dann funktionieren wenn ich mit Tynicore starte? weil der Arbeitsspeicher ja keine 5 GB hat sonder höchstens 1 GB. Würde Tinycore trotzdem noch funktionieren?

danke schonmal.
super... Das probier ich gleich aus wenn ich zu hause bin und Internt habe...

kannsu du mir vielleicht noch weiter helfen?

nämlich muss ich das Kennwort immer 2 mal eingeben... kann man das so machen, dass ich es nur einmal eingeben muss?

mit besten grüßen und danke für alles.
Klasse Forum  :) :) :)
dCore X86 / Re: Update to debinx file processing
« Last post by Jason W on April 26, 2017, 01:43:07 PM »
I have duplicated the hang on "sce-import -d" which is probably where sce-update hung if I manually add an entry to a .dep file that creates a circular dependency.  I tried to create a circular dependency with sce-import  but it would not let me even if the offending entry in a dep file was 2 or 3 dep files deep.  So as long as sce-import is used to create the dep files, it should not result in problems.  Please understand that manually created dep files can result in errors.
dCore X86 / Re: Update to debinx file processing
« Last post by Jason W on April 26, 2017, 01:00:11 PM »
Ok, though sce-import is the only correct way to creat a .dep file, I will look into if there is a check to prevent a possible circular dependency loop in sce-update.
Corepure64 / Experienced users'conflict.
« Last post by labeas on April 26, 2017, 10:53:46 AM »
These days for experienced linux users tasteing an unfamiliar system:
the main task is to avoid the bombardment of <life is better with Coke
& wouldn't you like to buy a banana>.

That's why I ignored the upfront <wbar> and just tested/probed what
I'm familiar with. So eg. I was not disasterously limited by only
one console/VT.

Only now do I see that the problem of eg. opera's substantial settings
being not lost, for NNTP client usage, seem to be catered for with:
ControPanel:Backup/Restore substantial MenuTree.
I'll try to write/translate my own tutorial to use this vital
backup/restore facility.

Is the ControPanel:services:gpm a TC default; or from my installation?
What is "Terminal Server" for? I like it's color on black & font size.

2 points for documenting for experienced users;
 We don't like the local-slang of "your tce directory".
 All directories are rooted in "/".
 Rather than the common: DoA, DoB ...DoN;  use:-
 eg. plugging the USB is detected by a daemon, which can be confirmed by
  `dmesg -tail`;
 successful automounting may be confirmed by `df` or ....
 Ie. describe how the system works, not what the user should do.

dCore X86 / Re: Update to debinx file processing
« Last post by jls on April 26, 2017, 10:15:38 AM »
I don't think so, normally I manually create the dep file then I run sce-import.
Your use of fakeroot may create problems. The files really need root permissions/ownership, which doesn't happen with fakeroot.
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