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Raspberry Pi / Re: CUPS .tcz request
« Last post by lykkedk on Today at 10:25:11 AM »

So with raspberry, it was easy to make work  :)... It took in a ton of dependecies when cups was installed, and the download was more than 400Mb, so making it work on piCore; not sure? -Maybee if only neccessary stuff is extracted?

Anyway, as promised i would tell it is working on arm, and even Airprint was easy to install...

Maybee i will try to make it work on piCore later this year?



So its like a:
with Xorg: RAM eats 700 MB, storage 1+ GB,
with Coreplus 8.0 without anything, just install the VM, RAM eats 25 MB, storage 400 MB,

both scenario uses the same VM settings, for example: 1 x CPU enable hot add, RAM 256 enable hot add, VMware Paravirtual SCSI, CD for ISO, standard display, ...

Please ignore about the storage usage, after I use df -h, it looks like there is no problem,
but ESXi 5.5 reports high storage usage, may be thats how it is from its angle,

So back to RAM usage, is this the real deal? minimum RAM 1 GB? for TCL 8.0 x64
1 GB with VMware Tools installed.

is working, but it takes 70% of 1 GB idle RAM?
I successfully try to reinstall fresh TCL 8.0 x64 with VMware Tools (set RAM 1 GB first),
The top command looks different,

when I set to 256 MB, display simply wont start,
with 384 MB, 512 MB, attached pic,

with 1 GB, it starts.
Hello Andyj,

Here you go your requests,

Btw what if I kill the PID eating the RAM?
dCore Armv7 / Re: Alwinner A20
« Last post by Jason W on Today at 07:44:18 AM »
Updated uCore to the current dCore release.
pangomm.tcz MD5 sum didnot match

I checked the server and there is no problem with the pangomm md5sum.

Perhaps your download was corrupted, could you remove open-vm-tools-desktop/pangomm and try again?
Raspberry Pi / Re: CUPS .tcz request
« Last post by lykkedk on Today at 04:04:24 AM »
Hi and thanks for helping me out here...

I tried the piCore 6.1-SSH yesterday, and the cupsd is working on this version, and i can load the webinterface and change things, but adding my Canon MG2550s printer won't work. -Actually the cups web-interface dont find anything. -But Canon is also problematic i think, duo to theire closed source policy  :(

According to this, the Canon MG2500 series printer could work (on Rasbian), but i will have to try it out later today, for clearance  :)
With the “Add Printer” screen now loaded, we can select the printer we want to set up. In our case, that is the Canon MG25000 series (Canon MG2500 series) printer. Once selected, press the “continue” button.

So, if the thing will work on Rasbian, the possibility to make it work on piCore is there ofcause... But to be speaking true, i really doubt that i will ever get this Canon printer installed on my ARMv6 PI here... but later today we will know...

I use vcenter 5.5 and access it via vSphere web client, and with help of VMware Workstation for viewing the console VM (clickable from web client)

Later tonight I will provide ur request,

I notice if I install open-vmware-tools-desktop.tcz it will include all necessary files, last time I try, got MD5 error for a file.
How big is your virtual disk? Can you post the output from 'fdisk -l'?
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