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just did a reboot and getting a /home/tc/firefox/firefox not found error.

local wolf was working and without reboot I had re-run script and built the wolf.tcz.....both worked.


at time of build I had coreplayer2's excellent firefox-official loaded and his code creates a sym link for 64 that FF expects
# ln lib64 to lib
if [ ! -e /lib64 ]; then
   ln -s /lib /lib64

I will add that to my get script later and post if it works over reboot.

thanks for reading

Naturally credit appears in script
Raspberry Pi / Re: mirror/no network connection
« Last post by bmarkus on July 03, 2015, 04:04:50 PM »
Which SD card image installed?

What is the output of

Code: [Select]
uname -a
fdisk -l -u /dev/mmcblk0

have just rebuilt the 32 bit and a new 64 bit get script that automatically downloads the latest version ....at time of writing 39.0
but script changed to ask user to tell me which language version they want.

there are only 89 to choose from and I have slow internet so only tested the british edition.

coreplayer2 for his new and better URL download link, stolen  8) from his firefox-latest script.

here are the lang choices for anyone interested.

1 Acholi=ach 2 Afrikaans=af 3 Albanian=sq 4 Arabic=ar 5 Aragonese=an
6 Armenian=hy-AM 7 Assamese=as 8 Asturian=ast 9 Azerbaijani=az
10 Basque=eu 11 Belarusian=be 12 Bengali (Bangladesh)=bn-BD
13 Bengali (India)=bn-IN 14 Bosnian=bs 15 Breton=br 16 Bulgarian=bg
17 Catalan=ca 18 Chinese (Simplified)=zh-CN
19 Chinese (Traditional)=zh-TW 20 Croatian=hr 21 Czech=cs
22 Danish=da 23 Dutch=nl 24 English (British)=en-GB
25 English (South African)=en-ZA 26 English (US)=en-US
27 Esperanto=eo 28 Estonian=et 29 Finnish=fi 30 French=fr
31 Frisian=fy-NL 32 Fulah=ff 33 Gaelic (Scotland)=gd 34 Galician=gl
35 German=de 36 Greek=el (not gr) 37 Gujarati=gu-IN 38 Hebrew=he
39 Hindi=hi-IN 40 Hungarian=hu 41 Icelandic=is
42 Indonesian=id 43 Irish=ga-IE 44 Italian=it 45 Japanese=ja
46 Kannada=kn 47 Kazakh=kk 48 Khmer=km 49 Korean=ko 50 Latvian=lv
51 Ligurian=lij 52 Lithuanian=lt 53 Lower Sorbian=dsb 54 Macedonian=mk
55 Maithili=mai 56 Malay=ms 57 Malayalam=ml 58 Marathi=mr
59 Norwegian (Bokmal)=nb-NO 60 Norwegian (Nynorsk)=nn-NO 61 Oriya=or
62 Persian=fa 63 Polish=pl 64 Portuguese(Brazilian)=pt=BR
65 Portuguese(Portugal)=pt-PT 66 Punjabi=pa-IN 67 Romanian=ro
68 Romansh=rm 69 Russian=ru 70 Serbian=sr 71 Sinhala=si 72 Slovak=sk
73 Slovenian=sl 74 Songhai=son 75 Spanish (Argentina)=es-AR
76 Spanish (Chile)=es-CL 77 Spanish (Mexico)=es-MX
78 Spanish (Spain)=es-ES 79 Swedish=sv-SE 80 Tamil=ta 81 Telugu=te
82 Thai=th 83 Turkish=tr 84 Ukrainian=uk    
85 Upper Sorbian=hsb 86 Uzbek=uz 87 Vietnamese=vi 88 Welsh=cy
89 Xhosa=xh

Choose the number LEFT of your language, then press enter.
If you need 2 languages you need to adduser to create a new login please.

I resisted the temptation and easier code to force the user to input the lang as not all comply with ISO standard....eg I think Greek should have been gr.....but as I don't speak any othere lang....I could be wrong. also they might not have an English keyboard.

any how, no worries if no testers. If no reply will submit in about one week.

(I am aware, experienced users can rename firefox folder and delete the bz2 file to trick the script into getting a second lang FF but I suspect most people only want to use one lang for the internet browser. Plus they need to modify the .local/bin file or repack their wolf.tcz)

good luck
Release / Re: Announcements
« Last post by Jason W on July 03, 2015, 02:45:47 PM »
All dCore x86 ports have been updated with a cosmetic fix during booting in the case of nonexistent /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sce/update directory.

Raspberry Pi / Re: mirror/no network connection
« Last post by Infern0 on July 03, 2015, 09:49:20 AM »
Just to clarify, for some reason I can't find or use any mirrors due to lack of internet connection for some reason it seems.
Raspberry Pi / mirror/no network connection
« Last post by Infern0 on July 03, 2015, 09:00:56 AM »
So I just got 6.1.x installed on my raspberry pi but im not able to get a network connection now it boots to command line instead of a gui but i see it adding my dns info before it does. How do I start the gui in tinycore? Sorry for such a basic question I usually use debian but tinycore is the only option that makes sense for the raspberry pi in the linux world that I have found. I have the raspberry pi B (not 2)
TCB Talk / Using tinycore as an RDP client, loaded from a PXE server.
« Last post by PCManiac on July 03, 2015, 07:37:54 AM »
Hello again!

I have been using TC the last 2 weeks trying to refactor a Linux OS image for our thin clients.
Tiny Core looked to be up for the job as it is small and fast.

I could (with help here and there but mainly from the community and wiki) get a remastered gz file with the needed files to boot with no major problems those clients, loaded using PXE into RAM.

Those clients will be running a popup waiting till the user presses it to start working on a Windows terminal server through rdesktop.

I have configured the keymaps and I have the keyboard localization working but I am unable to make the numpad to work.
With bare TC (no X), numlock and the numpad numbers work as expected yet, I am unable to make it work on Xvesa.

Any suggestions?

Thank you once again.
Thank you for all your help guys (incl: gerald_clark).

Since this is deviating from my original post, I am going to start a new one explaining where I am at currently and asking for some more help.
TCE Talk / Re: Selecting an area of the screen for a screenshot using your mouse
« Last post by beroje on July 03, 2015, 05:02:13 AM »
Hi Rich
In TC5 I used fluxbox.
Thanks again.

Hi Rich
En TC5 he usado fluxbox.
Gracias nuevamente.

Release / Re: Announcements
« Last post by Jason W on July 02, 2015, 03:29:19 PM »
All dCore x86 ports have been updated to remove a couple of unneeded confirmations during sce-import.
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