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amgh@: Sorry, you are correct.  You'll have to forgive me, I haven't booted a CD/ISO in ages!  Had I caught my mistake before you downloaded Plus I would have said to just type the following under TinyCore-current:

tce-load -wi Xvesa Xprogs flwm_topside wbar tc-install
(Xvesa/Xprogs/flwm/wbar should already be loaded if using Tiny...  but even Core-current applies to the same line above)  Once finished, just launch the desktop by typing startx
This likely would have saved you about a 60mb download of Plus...  but even that's hardly a vacation unless you're on dial-up! :)

Good luck and keep us posted on the DosBox venture!

TCE Q&A Forum / Re: stdlib.h not found after upgrade to 6.0
« Last post by Rich on Today at 08:33:42 AM »
Hi vbs
You can find information on how to package and submit extensions here:
@centralware :

Thank you for the detailed explanations.

In your edited post, I assume you mean to download the TinyCorePlus.iso intead of the TinyCoreCurrent.iso file, since don't see the "install" icon in the TinyCoreCurrent.iso distribution.

I'm trying it now.


Thank you for the dosbox update in the 6.x repo.
General TC Talk / Re: TCZ repo down
« Last post by core-user on Today at 07:45:44 AM »
In case it is relevant to this problem I have frugal installed to an SSD, my remade CorePlus6.0, which includes 2 extra wifi modules, firefox, xmms, mc, mpg123, & vorbis-tools.

Since setting up I have used Apps to install Ace-of-Penguins, then when I tried to install mplayer/spider a couple of days later, it just fails.

Edit: There is also a warning about 'Displayed text contains the UTF-8 transcoding of the input file which was not UTF-8 encoded. Some changes may have occurred.'

Edit2: At the bottom of the Apps browser, where it has 'TCE:', it shows /etc/sysconfig/optional - I'm sure this used to say /mnt/sda1/tce.
TCB Talk / Concept regarding loading and unloading an extension
« Last post by centralware on Today at 06:05:20 AM »
I have a plan I need a little help brain-storming with...

TC4 boots as usual and I have a custom extension I'd likely to load with onboot.lst...  the extension loads and all is fine.  As part of this extension is Xvesa/flwm and a few other support ingredients.

What I need to do is interact with the user, and once they click "OK" we drop back to the shell, kill X and any other processes we've created and at this point what I need to do is uninstall/dismount this custom extension entirely as though it never loaded (save for possibly a few logs, etc. of course.)

1) I can simply dismount the extension in /tmp/tcloop/extension, delete the mount point and I'm guessing that should cover the bases, but I was curious if TC already had support for tending to such business already built in.  Specifically, something like tce-unload all comes to mind, but tce-unload ext1 ext2 etc would be just as do-able.

2) The interaction with the user is being launched with /home/tc/X.d/script_name.sh - I was curious, if I killed X, would this also kill the script?  (I have to avoid this, of course, as there are things it needs to do after X is shut down which are not GUI based.)

3) (Slightly off-topic) If a problem exists with this project where shutting down X and unloading the extension isn't a decent way to go, is there a way to spawn a new session (from tc account on tty7) onto, say, tty8 and then programmatically switch over to tty8 as a different, non-root user?  (Preferably without adding extensions/software/session managers/etc.?)

4) (A bit more off-topic) From the start of the boot process (where TC indicates version/kernel) is there a way to implement a graphical splash-screen and if so, please elaborate.  (I know others do, but it wouldn't be worth the load if the overhead was severe.)  I already have vesamenu tending to the boot menu, I was just curious as to what could be used for the boot process?

What I'd like to do is create a simplistic, non-evasive (and low-resource) method for user management, graphical logins and the likes, all the while creating a local "mini-repo" of any given software a user has installed on their account (separate "onboot.lst" files basically) without going the expect route if it can be avoided and without having to reboot.  (ie: "Joe" logs in, does his thing, logs out, all traces of his existence vanish for the most part, we revert back to the tc account's login screen for the next user, each having their own secured /home & local, a shared r/o /opt and a bulk /tce which "everyone's" toybox.)

Any thoughts, ideas, concerns, flames, etc. welcome and appreciated!

Raspberry Pi / Re: Camera Module
« Last post by andyj on Today at 05:47:07 AM »
The connections looked OK but I reseated them anyway. That must have been it, because it's working now. It's kinda slow when taking a picture. Is that normal?
Corepure64 / Re: UEFI bootable iso?
« Last post by Juanito on Today at 03:42:08 AM »
some progress being made, I can uefi boot a cd burned from a modified iso, but:

* with an external grub.cfg I get dropped to the grub prompt
* with an embedded grub.cfg I see "welcome to grub" and then a bunch of blocked out "?" like the efi font is not loaded

the almost total lack of documentation doesn't help...
TCE Q&A Forum / Re: stdlib.h not found after upgrade to 6.0
« Last post by Juanito on Today at 03:37:55 AM »
If you don't have a network connection you'd be stuck and if you do have a network connection, you bloat your backup with the cpan files - hence the use of perl module extensions...
TCE Q&A Forum / Re: stdlib.h not found after upgrade to 6.0
« Last post by vbs on Today at 02:42:11 AM »
I will happily submit whatever you need but I have not much clue about TC packages. I installed a bunch of Perl modules by cpan now. Here is my directory structure now and I can upload what you need:

One basic question please: Why do you guys craft these prebuilt Perl packages in the first place when users can install them by cpan anyway? The only advantage I can see is that you dont need a compiler?
TCE Bugs / Re: minor recode.tcz pop-up error when browsing Apps in TC-6
« Last post by curaga on Today at 01:58:11 AM »
Yeah, the c in "Francois" seems to be ISO-encoded. I see it was translated correctly though.

We don't currently have a spec for what should be done for non-ascii characters in info files.
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