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TCE Talk / Re: Is there any way to create virtual diplay
« Last post by gerald_clark on Today at 01:07:57 PM »
No. Use tightvnc.
I've recently taken note of the design of certain ARM boards, with the ARM chip(s) and RAM on a minimal module (search on ebay for "arm development board", and add in "display", as boards with displays are quite interesting and useful).
Definitely check out the STM32 boards.

Something which could even be used by hobbyists if you want to scale down your project a lot (instead of snapping those ports on your Pi ^^).

I've not been sufficiently focused when it comes to these new boards. I've been too focused on the Raspi-like models, with everything on one board.
But the more modular the board, the better for hobbyists (as long as you don't break away the processor from the RAM and have to make such low-level connections yourself, or such things).
As even the most modular boards, like Arduino and it's shields and small modules can still be put neatly in a frame/box.

But if you have a small cybernetic factory, you could get the minimal ARM boards from China, making the ports and the rest yourself.
Who wouldn't want to see such start-ups, making Linux phones/devices...?

I think these small modules are actually a more feasable way of modularizing smartphone technology, than Phonebloks / Project Ara (though they are doing great work).
As the layout of modules in the device aren't limited -- nor as prone to modules falling out when you drop it.
And you could still have user-accessible modules, especially for choosing your own camera.

As even for Project Ara, they would need the basic modular tehnology worked out, and having it done directly by miniturization and computing enthusiasts would be more productive.
So instead of just a modular phone, you can also make a modular brain-board for a robot, or for a server, or whatever.

But for modularization to gain some direct use, it will have to be for a development board (which is already being done, of course). Or the modules would have to be very plug-and-play, yet easily attached to a solid frame -- like modules having pegs, and a plastic box with holes, for them.
Pretty much like lego.
And then you could have aluminium pegs and box, for heat-dissipation and electric grounding / EMC isolation.

Definitely no soldering -- I like thinking/tinkering about/with electronics, but soldering is an unnecessary pain.

This way I also see the rise in adoption of totally open hardware devices, for things like routers, wifi repeaters/routers, and other essential things.
And all supplied by just 5 volts.

I think this is something that needs doing. To get the next generation properly educated about technology -- instead of just seeing devices as a whole. And something to just hand over to the experts once it breaks. But there won't be many experts if we just have walled gardens everywhere, where you can't even educate yourself about your device.

It's highly liberating on so many levels. But there is a lot of work to be done.

Well, I have much to learn and think about yet, but I really wanted to get this out there.
For now, I'm excited to just get an ARM development board with a display, to transfer most of my development and other computing to it!
A 7' display is good enough -- if you have a good GUI.
Getting my feet plenty wet in ARM is a good start, to be able to work with more modular systems in the future.

Minimal computing FTW!
TCB Talk / Re: minimum time to boot tiny core X server
« Last post by malikawan on Today at 12:47:50 PM »
Thanks lee but i am shocked my pc core i 5 4 gb ram boot 5 second and after 5 second i am on my desktop means x server starts after 5 second exact

wbar and

Release Candidate Testing / Re: Core v6.0beta1
« Last post by coreplayer2 on Today at 12:46:11 PM »
ok, firefox (at least latest Official versions) require

libXdamage.so.1  (a dep of cairo) & 

so installed extension
cairo.tcz (and deps)

now firefox loads fine

not sure why these are missing, maybe the firefox dep files need updating..?

TCB Talk / Re: minimum time to boot tiny core X server
« Last post by Lee on Today at 12:42:11 PM »
What is the minimum time to boot tiny core with default extensions ?

As gerald_clark said, it depends on the hardware in question.  I've typically seen it in the 12 to 18 second range.  But I just -happen- to be mucking around with a brand new PowerEdge T110 II with a 4 core CPU and 8GB of RAM sooo...

Booting from a Sandisk Cruzer USB stick, Core 6.0 beta 1 with onboot.lst containing
wbar and

gets me to a desktop in 15 seconds after pressing <enter> on the grub4dos menu.  This is a clean install with no mydata.tgz present.
TCE Talk / Re: Is there any way to create virtual diplay
« Last post by malikawan on Today at 12:40:04 PM »
No one know how to create a virtual display in tiny core i have display :0 but i need 1 virtual display on display :1 any help plz
Raspberry Pi / Re: Help needed for "make" using a makefile
« Last post by bmarkus on Today at 12:36:56 PM »
Regarding soxr.h check location, it can be an issue with /usr/include <-> / usr/local/include. Try symlinking it to the other location, it may help (or not).
Release Candidate Testing / Re: Core v6.0beta1
« Last post by coreplayer2 on Today at 12:32:46 PM »
Also noticed fltk has been updated to v1.3  in tinycore.iso  so apps like fluff in tc-6 repo which have been built on fltk-1.1.10.tcz for libfltk_images.so.1.1  would not start until fltk-1.1.10.tcz  added (or possibly apps recompiled).
Release Candidate Testing / Re: Core v6.0beta1
« Last post by coreplayer2 on Today at 12:21:55 PM »
There's some other component missing here...   Installed firefox-official and had same issue.  Have just updated firefox-official to v33.1.1  and will advise, though it's looking like a missing dep..

I think we need a new thread for tc-6.x extensions?

Update: two dep files missing..  see new post
TCE Talk / Is there any way to create virtual diplay
« Last post by malikawan on Today at 12:12:51 PM »
Can i create a virtual display 1  with out using any remote extension like tightvnc
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