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CorePlus / CorePlus 64bit
« Last post by reachparagm on Today at 10:22:29 AM »
I see CorePlus (106MB), but when I traverse to Index of /tinycorelinux/7.x/x86_64/release/
I do not see CorePlus for x86_64.

is it missing in release or not required, if people tend to frugal x86_64 tc.
TCB Talk / Re: TC 8 already :)
« Last post by hiro on Today at 10:19:22 AM »
I don't see what benefit a LTS kernel has for a distribution that doesn't updates the kernel between distribution releases.
TCE Talk / Re: piCore 8.x - armv7 - xorg-proto
« Last post by Misalf on Today at 10:08:07 AM »
Just to be clear, does that mean it would be safe to submit extensions created with slightly off-version xorg-proto?
TCB Talk / Re: TC 8 already :)
« Last post by pq5190362 on Today at 09:07:33 AM »
Because the kernel is never being updated after release. So might as well go with the latest LTS kernel, especially if the current stable Kernel is going to become the next LTS kernel.

Also, it's not like 4.9 wouldn't have any advantages over 4.8:

TCB Talk / Re: TC 8 already :)
« Last post by hiro on Today at 08:41:07 AM »
i mean why is it so important to you that the developers take the newest kernel available?
TCE Bugs / Re: Xlibs.tcz startup script makes boot slow
« Last post by hiro on Today at 08:39:32 AM »
wait, what. does this mean it will get applied also to the content of my mounts or mount-binds in my /home/tc/mounts dir ?
Raspberry Pi / Re: USB gadget kernel module with RPi zero
« Last post by johannkraus on Today at 08:21:12 AM »
Sorry but I just can't figure it out. I have enabled the `dwc2` overlay in config.txt and I created a tcz package with the following modules added:
This happened to me when I added dtoverlay=dwc2 to the last line of config.txt. As some lines above there is a [RPI3] statement your overlay will not be loaded on a RPI0.
So either move this some lines up to the [ALL] section or better add a [RPI0] statement before this line.

I also put `modules-load=dwc2,g_ether` after `rootwait` in cmdline.txt and then I reboot my rpi. It doesn't show up as a usb device on my machine. Is there something I forgot to do?
As far as I can tell adding modules-load to cmdline.txt will not work with Tiny Core Linux. This is a feature only available in Raspbian. So please add modprobe to /opt/bootlocal.sh.
As soon as g_multi is in lsmod you can setup usb0 via ifconfig. Your keyboard will still work after modprobing dwc2, g_multi, ... (until you unplug ;) ).
TCE Bugs / Xlibs.tcz startup script makes boot slow
« Last post by teh-botol on Today at 08:16:28 AM »
Hi Guys,

After some testing I found Xlibs.tcz startup script makes boot slow significantly.
Here's the command which makes TinyCore boot times UnAcceptable.
Code: [Select]
chown -R "$USER".staff /home/"$USER" 2>/dev/null
Well.. this depend on the files inside tc's home.
For me, it's my application source code. Especially TC kernel source code.
Which make boot times >1minute.

For the meantime, I will move my development directory outside tc's home.

TCB Talk / Re: TC 8 already :)
« Last post by pq5190362 on Today at 07:43:52 AM »
This thread is about 8.x, hiro. So, one would assume that it's okay to discuss 8.x here, hiro.
TCB Talk / Re: TC 8 already :)
« Last post by hiro on Today at 07:27:46 AM »
what's the rush, pq5190362?
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