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TCB Q&A Forum / Re: MDADM with TinyCore - system hangs
« Last post by HeartOfGermany on Today at 08:28:19 AM »
Sorry, edit button vanished because of time.

I wrote down everything, that I modded:

Edit xyz:

Code: [Select]
sudo mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 .... /dev/sdd1
mkdir 777 /home/
mkdir 777 /home/nas
mkdir 777 /home/nas/raid #(because booterror occoured "Cannot mount.... folder das not exist)
sudo mount /dev/md0p1 /home/nas/raid
sudo adduser -D nas
sudo smbpasswd -a -n -nas
sudo smbd restart # (so it definitely reloads stuff)
sudo nmbd restart
sudo smbpasswd -a nas #(again, because it did not let windows acces before)

Code: [Select]
sudo chmod 777 /etc/init.d
sudo chmod 777 /etc/init.d/services # (make sure, smbd service has no problems to run and change stuff)
sudo mkdir -m 777 /usr/local/etc/samba/private #could not create configs before
/usr/bin/sethostname raid # why not?
/opt/bootlocal.sh &

sudo mount /dev/md0p1 /home/nas/raid

sudo smbpasswd -a -n nas # yeah, again - I know I am bad!


Code: [Select]
mnt/mdop1 # (tried samba directly on standart mount folder)
# half of the filetools.lst entries had a reason, but I lost memory of what went to where - basically I had problems, that many files where not there anymore, when rebooting, so samba gave out errors like "secrets.db" not found.
Doesn't Vim already do this? Are the editor commands going to be compatible with vi or something else?
TCB Q&A Forum / MDADM with TinyCore - system hangs
« Last post by HeartOfGermany on Today at 07:50:43 AM »
As short as possible:

I have:
Fujitsu Futro S550 (1x1Ghz Sempron 2100+, 512mb RAM, 512MB CF Card, PCI-4xSata Card, PSU for 4x2TB WD Nasware HDDs)
TinyCore installed

I want:
Raid 5 (MDADM)

I did:

bootup  .sh
- Assemble Raid
- Create user nas (no PW)
- Create dir in /home/nas/raid for mounting RAID
- Mount Raid
- Create SAMBA user nas (also no pw)

It finally boots up and without setting anything else up it instantly can work with my windows 10 PC.

Transfering small files works perfectly fine. Moving (just for test) "all_in_one_runtimes_installer.exe" with 330mb size works not so good! It starts good with 60mb/s, just before the end it slows down to less than 2mb/s and than tiny core user interface is no more usable!

I already checked, if the files get saved to /dev/sde1 (512M CF), but they do not - there is not even enought space for the file anyway, yet it finishes upload. SAMBA still is active (usable through windows, but very slow even for tiny files in order of 5kb)

Even after some time the system does not react at all. What am I doing wrong? CPU is not hot (so no 100% usage)

Is it a RAM related issue, or is the kernel crashing or something? Please help. I am very frustrated - worked over 5-8 hours to get to this stage and now large files crash the thinclient. Why not with small files?

Please help, thanks.


When trying to move another file, I get the message from windows, that there is not enought space - how??? 4x2TB-2TB - 6TB of space on the raid!


I found the problem! I tried just a 100MB file and still the system did show no change in disk space - after rebooting however, it showed it is 91% full instead of 54%.

So I think, even though I did mount the RAID in /home/nas/raid, the files do not save on the RAID, they save locally. But how is it possible? I mean, the folder RAID shows as a HDD - but only that one. The folders inside do not. Also, the "properties" of the folder should show details of the raid with the max size, but it only shows, it is located in /home/nas/raid and is 100MB large. No max capacity shown, though it should show the capacity of the RAID.

It worked before (but not SAMBA :P). Why does it not save the files on the mounted drive, but locally?
Raspberry Pi / Copy2fs.lst
« Last post by vladosam on Today at 06:55:38 AM »
Is copy2fs.lst gone forever in piCore?
In this post they mention it will be reintroduced in next release.

Raspberry Pi / Re: Spotify with RPi 3 and PiCore Player with Slimserver
« Last post by yeme on Today at 05:14:26 AM »
Thank you, Greg...will do.
Hi all  :)

I've been making a FLTK editor with syntax highlighting for both "sh" and "bash".

Please refer to editor4sh.

This editor is written from scratch with fluid and is working in progress.

It's similar to the current editor you find in Xprogs.tcz but more.

You'll see some extra menu items, such as "Shell", "Color", "Auto Indent".

The "Shell" menu let you choose your default shebang.
The default is empty string (-other).
Whenever you open a new empty file, the chosen shebang will be added automatically.
To set your default shebang from command prompt:
-shell  #!/bin/sh
-bash   #!/usr/bin/env bash
-other  Other unknown shebang

The "Color" menu switch let you turn on/off the syntax highlighting.
The coloring style by default is POSIX sh.
It can be set to bash via the aforementioned "Shell" menu.

The "Auto Indent" menu switch enable/disable the indenting behavior.
When the new input is '\n' (one char only),
the spaces and tabs at the beginning of the line are copied to the next.

I learn C++ learn as a hobby.
I may have done something stupid without knowing it.  :o
Anyway ~~
Feedbacks are welcomed  :D
Micro Core / Re: ISO doesn't seem to be bootable
« Last post by NewUser on February 21, 2018, 10:11:55 PM »
You're right, of course, and the OP could spend some useful time reading the forum. I thought I would offer the solution that works for most PCs in the wild.
Raspberry Pi / Re: Micropython + GPIO(where is the prob)
« Last post by bmarkus on February 21, 2018, 09:00:21 PM »
I just tried "shell" version to write directly to pins and got this:
"can't create /sys/class/gpio22/value: nonexistent directory"

I also get this " ls /sys/class/gpio22 /sys/class/gpio22: No such file or directory"

I'm using Raspi ver.1 on Linux box 4.9.22-piCore #1 Sat Apr 15 15:30:03 UTC 2017 armv6l GNU/Linux

Please tell me what's wrong with.


If the script you are running is unknown no way to give answer.
Raspberry Pi / Re: TimeZone(another) - won't set up time.
« Last post by Greg Erskine on February 21, 2018, 08:49:46 PM »
hi vinikon,

I can assure you it works. Here's my boot file for example.

Code: [Select]
host=piCorePlayerSCREEN3 dwc_otg.fiq_enable=0 dwc_otg.fiq_fsm_enable=0 tz=EST-10EST,M10.1.0,M4.1.0/3 waitusb=2 dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 console=tty1 root=/dev/ram0 elevator=deadline rootwait quiet nortc loglevel=3 noembed smsc95xx.turbo_mode=N noswap cron consoleblank=0
One thing though, the ntp script waits for the network to be up, so it may take a little while for the time to be set after booting.

I recently had to test a RPi rebooting and had to put a 10 second delay to catch the corrected time in the log file. On the odd occassion, this was still not long enough. I was using a RPi2B for this test, so a RPi1B may require longer.


Raspberry Pi / Re: Spotify with RPi 3 and PiCore Player with Slimserver
« Last post by Greg Erskine on February 21, 2018, 08:31:23 PM »
hi yeme,

I think you would be better off asking this question on the Logitech Forum.


This forum is for Tiny Core/piCore only.

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